Property for Sale in Nairn & District.

Nairn District includes the lovely seaside town of Nairn, well known for its attractive beaches and impressive Victorian era buildings, and the surrounding rural areas. Nairn is a bustling town with a busy High Street and selection of pubs and restaurants, it is also a cultural centre with a popular annual Book and Art Festival.

Premier Properties
Redburn House & Steading, Belivat, Nairn
Redburn House & Steading, Belivat, NairnResidential/Commercial 6 bedroomsRef: 54169Around £595,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
Seahaven, Albert Street, Nairn
Seahaven, Albert Street, NairnDetached Villa 6 bedroomsRef: 54671Offers Over £490,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Geddesmill, Raitloan, Geddes Nairn
Geddesmill, Raitloan, Geddes NairnDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 51156Offers Over £400,000Harper Macleod
Kingsteps House, Lochloy Road, Nairn
Kingsteps House, Lochloy Road, NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 54186Offers Over £395,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
Woodlands, Cawdor Road, Nairn
Woodlands, Cawdor Road, NairnDetached Villa 6 bedroomsRef: 54018Offers Over £395,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
Duntroon, 4 Queen Street, Nairn
Duntroon, 4 Queen Street, NairnDetached Villa 6 bedroomsRef: 52192Around £360,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
Eastmill Cottage, Littlemill, Nairn
Eastmill Cottage, Littlemill, NairnDetached Cottage 4 bedrooms - (1 acres | 0.4 hectares)Ref: 53662Offers Over £360,000Donaldson & Henderson
Achuan, Balmakeith Park, Nairn
Achuan, Balmakeith Park, NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 54248Around £350,000Donaldson & HendersonUnder Offer
5 Firview Grange, Muir of BalnagowanSold
5 Firview Grange, Muir of BalnagowanDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 54292Offers Over £345,000Sold by Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Harden, Lochloy Road, Nairn
Harden, Lochloy Road, NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 53907Offers Over £325,000Donaldson & Henderson
Woolton, Millbank Street, Nairn
Woolton, Millbank Street, NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 53896Offers Over £325,000Donaldson & Henderson
Thana, Geddes, Nairn
Thana, Geddes, NairnDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 54057Offers Over £290,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
Dara-a-Cheoil, Wester Galcantray, Cawdor
Dara-a-Cheoil, Wester Galcantray, CawdorDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 52559Offers Over £275,000Innes & MacKay
Langdale, Merryton Crescent, Nairn
Langdale, Merryton Crescent, NairnDetached Villa 6 bedroomsRef: 52195Around £260,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
Ornum, Moss-side, Nairn
Ornum, Moss-side, NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 53278Offers Over £259,995McEwan Fraser LegalUnder Offer
Arrandale, Cawdor Road, Auldearn
Arrandale, Cawdor Road, AuldearnDetached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 53898Fixed £259,500Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
4 Montgomerie Drive, Nairn
4 Montgomerie Drive, NairnDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 54520Offers Over £245,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
The Bell, Ardclach, Nairn
The Bell, Ardclach, NairnDetached Villa 3 bedrooms - (1 acres | 0.4 hectares)Ref: 54540Offers Over £235,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)Under Offer
Forvie, St Ninian Road, Nairn
Forvie, St Ninian Road, NairnSemi-Detached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 53737Offers Over £235,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
New! New! New!
12 Lochloy Avenue, Nairn
12 Lochloy Avenue, NairnDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 54705Offers Over £225,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
2 Rhuallan, Cawdor Road, Nairn
2 Rhuallan, Cawdor Road, NairnTerraced House 4 bedroomsRef: 54458Offers Over £220,000Donaldson & HendersonUnder Offer
Heathcote Cottage, 20A Park Street, Nairn
Heathcote Cottage, 20A Park Street, NairnDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 54556Offers Over £215,000Donaldson & Henderson
39 Balmakeith Park, Nairn
39 Balmakeith Park, NairnSemi-Detached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 54341Offers Over £210,000Harper Macleod
27 River Park, Nairn
27 River Park, NairnDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 54284Offers Over £210,000MacAndrew & JenkinsUnder Offer
23 Elm Grove, Nairn
23 Elm Grove, NairnDetached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 54708Offers Over £190,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
39 Moss Side Road, Nairn
39 Moss Side Road, NairnDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 53664Offers Over £190,000Donaldson & HendersonUnder Offer
Flat Included
123-125 High Street, Nairn
123-125 High Street, NairnCommercial Property 3 bedroomsRef: 47191Offers Over £189,000Macleod & MacCallum
Montrose Woods Development, Auldearn
Montrose Woods Development, AuldearnDetached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 50794Prices from £185,540Harper Macleod
38 A, Montrose Woods Development, AuldearnSold
38 A, Montrose Woods Development, AuldearnDetached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 54778Prices from £185,540Sold by Harper Macleod
Richmond, Cawdor Street, Nairn
Richmond, Cawdor Street, NairnDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 54655Around £175,000Donaldson & Henderson
106 Beech Avenue, Achareidh Nairn
106 Beech Avenue, Achareidh NairnSemi-Detached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 53386Offers Over £173,000Donaldson & HendersonUnder Offer
13 Doocot Road, Auldearn
13 Doocot Road, AuldearnSemi-Detached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 54574Offers Over £170,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
Elephant House, Ardclach, Nairn
Elephant House, Ardclach, NairnDetached Bungalow 1 bedroomRef: 54525Offers Over £165,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)Under Offer
57 Merryton Crescent, Nairn
57 Merryton Crescent, NairnSemi-Detached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 54660Offers Over £165,000Wright, Johnston, MacKenzie Inc MacArthur & Co
4 County Cottages, Foynesfield Nairn
4 County Cottages, Foynesfield NairnSemi-Detached Cottage 4 bedroomsRef: 54083Offers Over £163,000MacAndrew & JenkinsUnder Offer
1C Cameron Road, Nairn
1C Cameron Road, NairnDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 53713Offers Over £160,000Innes & MacKayUnder Offer
1 Howford Road, Firhall Nairn
1 Howford Road, Firhall NairnFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 53587Offers Over £160,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
14 Park Street, Nairn
14 Park Street, NairnSemi-Detached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 54550Offers Over £160,000Donaldson & HendersonUnder Offer
60 Loch Avenue, Nairn
60 Loch Avenue, NairnSemi-Detached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 53626Offers Over £160,000Donaldson & HendersonUnder Offer
2 Merryton Crescent, Nairn
2 Merryton Crescent, NairnDetached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 54338Around £155,000Donaldson & Henderson
£25,000 Under Valuation
Allander, Mill Road, Nairn
Allander, Mill Road, NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 53561Offers Over £155,000Donaldson & Henderson
6 Cameron Crescent, Nairn
6 Cameron Crescent, NairnSemi-Detached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 54605Offers Over £150,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)Under Offer
31 Old Bar Road, Nairn
31 Old Bar Road, NairnFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 53216Offers Over £149,950Munro & Noble
33B Harbour Street, Nairn
33B Harbour Street, NairnSemi-Detached Villa 2 bedroomsRef: 53021Offers Over £140,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
7 Windsor Court, Nairn
7 Windsor Court, NairnFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 53682Fixed £135,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)Under Offer
16 Seaforth Road, NairnSold
16 Seaforth Road, NairnSemi-Detached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 54285Offers Over £135,000Sold by R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
4 Firhall House, Firhall Drive Nairn
4 Firhall House, Firhall Drive NairnTerraced House 1 bedroomRef: 54613Offers Over £135,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
2 Lochiel Place, Nairn
2 Lochiel Place, NairnTerraced House 3 bedroomsRef: 54251Offers Over £135,000Donaldson & Henderson
£5,000 Under Valuation
42 Shore Street, Nairn
42 Shore Street, NairnSemi-Detached Villa 2 bedroomsRef: 53663Offers Over £130,000Donaldson & Henderson
12 Rose Street, Nairn
12 Rose Street, NairnDetached Cottage 2 bedroomsRef: 53618Offers Over £130,000Donaldson & HendersonUnder Offer
Flat 8, Charlotte Court, Moss Side Road Nairn
Flat 8, Charlotte Court, Moss Side Road NairnFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 53831Offers Over £125,000MacKenzie & Cormack
18 Lochdhu Gate, Nairn
18 Lochdhu Gate, NairnSemi-Detached Villa 2 bedroomsRef: 52467Offers Over £120,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
Only 1 Plot Remaining
Building Plot, Wester Galcantray, Cawdor
Building Plot, Wester Galcantray, CawdorBuilding Site Ref: 52910Offers Over £98,000Anderson, Shaw & GilbertUnder Offer
2 Westend, High Street Auldearn
2 Westend, High Street AuldearnTerraced House 2 bedroomsRef: 52431Around £95,000Donaldson & HendersonUnder Offer
9 Acre Street, Nairn
9 Acre Street, NairnTerraced House 1 bedroomRef: 54216Offers Over £95,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
6 Raglan Terrace, Mill Road, Nairn
6 Raglan Terrace, Mill Road, NairnFlat 1 bedroomRef: 54440Offers Over £92,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
8 Tower Court, Nairn
8 Tower Court, NairnFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 53701Offers Over £90,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)Under Offer
148 Harbour Street, Nairn
148 Harbour Street, NairnFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 54350Offers Over £90,000Donaldson & Henderson
124 Harbour Street, Nairn
124 Harbour Street, NairnFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 53985Offers Over £90,000Donaldson & Henderson
New! New! New!
Mill Lade Cottage, Newton Of Cawdor, Cawdor
Mill Lade Cottage, Newton Of Cawdor, Cawdor Detached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 54769Rent p.m. £760Macleod & MacCallum LettingsApplication Pending
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