The Inverness Rural area covers a variety of towns, villages and more rural hamlets and individual houses in the districts centered around Inverness City. These locations can offer 'the best of both worlds', rural living in picturesque and attractive situations, while often still being close enough to Inverness to enjoy all the benefits of a vibrant modern city.

Premier Properties
Windy Willows, 2 Ruilick, Beauly
Windy Willows, 2 Ruilick, BeaulyDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 56711Offers Over £510,000Innes & MacKay
Tramps, Balmacaan Road, Drumnadrochit
Tramps, Balmacaan Road, DrumnadrochitProperty with Annex 6 bedroomsRef: 56566Offers Over £500,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Dunmolin House, Balnafoich, Farr
Dunmolin House, Balnafoich, FarrDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 56182Offers Over £495,000Munro & Noble
Treeton House, Ardersier,
Treeton House, Ardersier, Detached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 53934Offers Over £475,000Munro & Noble
Rheindown Croft, Teandalloch, Beauly
Rheindown Croft, Teandalloch, BeaulyProperty with Land 6 bedrooms - (10 acres | 4.05 hectares)Ref: 55917Offers Over £455,000Innes & MacKay
Wardlaw House, Wardlaw Road, Kirkhill
Wardlaw House, Wardlaw Road, KirkhillDetached Villa 8 bedrooms - (1.4 acres | 0.57 hectares)Ref: 40078Offers Over £450,000Macleod & MacCallum
Culmill Lodges, Kiltarlity,
Culmill Lodges, Kiltarlity, Property Portfolio 2 bedroomsRef: 56053Offers Over £450,000Murchison Law
The Manse, Croy
The Manse, CroyDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 55994Offers Over £380,000Church of ScotlandUnder Offer
Inuvik, 9 Newtonhill, Lentran
Inuvik, 9 Newtonhill, LentranDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 56665Offers Over £367,000Munro & Noble
Rivoulich Lodge, Abriachan, Inverness
Rivoulich Lodge, Abriachan, InvernessDetached Bungalow 5 bedrooms - (4 acres | 1.62 hectares)Ref: 55452Fixed £365,000Innes & MacKayUnder Offer
Tigh An Tobair, South Clunes, Kirkhill
Tigh An Tobair, South Clunes, KirkhillDetached Bungalow 5 bedroomsRef: 56559Offers Over £330,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Tannach, Wester Lovat, Beauly
Tannach, Wester Lovat, BeaulyDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 56573Offers Over £325,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Cruachan, Wester Balblair, Beauly
Cruachan, Wester Balblair, BeaulyDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 56768Offers Over £325,000Innes & MacKay
22 Mansefield Park, Kirkhill
22 Mansefield Park, KirkhillDetached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 56585Offers Over £310,000Innes & MacKay
Lower Ardnagrask, Beauly
Lower Ardnagrask, BeaulyDetached Villa 3 bedrooms - (21 acres | 8.5 hectares)Ref: 56274Offers Over £300,000Macleod & MacCallumUnder Offer
Home Report £305,000
Strathglass View, Cannich
Strathglass View, CannichDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 54715Fixed £298,000Munro & NobleUnder Offer
11 Cabrich, Kirkhill
11 Cabrich, KirkhillDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 54630Offers Over £295,000McEwan Fraser LegalUnder Offer
Bluebell Cottage, Whitebridge
Bluebell Cottage, WhitebridgeDetached Villa 6 bedroomsRef: 56095Offers Over £290,000Munro & Noble
Inchmore Gallery, Inchmore, Kirkhill
Inchmore Gallery, Inchmore, KirkhillResidential/Commercial 1 bedroomRef: 55517Offers Over £290,000Munro & Noble
Burnside Cottage, Bunchrew
Burnside Cottage, BunchrewDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 56723Offers Over £285,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Mill Den, 3 Farlie View, BeaulySold
Mill Den, 3 Farlie View, BeaulyDetached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 56554Offers Over £280,000Sold by Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Hill Head Croft, Inverfarigaig
Hill Head Croft, InverfarigaigDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 55564Offers Over £273,000Macleod & MacCallumUnder Offer
1 Priory Road, Beauly
1 Priory Road, BeaulyDetached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 56700Offers Over £272,000Munro & NobleUnder Offer
Forest Lodge, Black Bridge, Kiltarility
Forest Lodge, Black Bridge, KiltarilityDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 56697Offers Over £265,000Innes & MacKay
Aranyani, 14b Easterton, Dalcross
Aranyani, 14b Easterton, DalcrossDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 56708Offers Over £260,000Innes & MacKay
Fas-na-Coille, Bunoich Brae, Fort Augustus
Fas-na-Coille, Bunoich Brae, Fort AugustusDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 47345Around £260,000South ForrestUnder Offer
New! New! New!
Candide, 117 High Street, Ardersier
Candide, 117 High Street, ArdersierDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 56693Offers Over £260,000South Forrest
The Gardens, Knockfin, TomichSold
The Gardens, Knockfin, TomichDetached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 55430Offers Over £260,000Sold by Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
New! New! New!
Avondale, Tomatin Distillery Tomatin
Avondale, Tomatin Distillery TomatinDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 56827Offers Over £255,000Innes & MacKay
Floreat, Golf Course Road, Fort Augustus
Floreat, Golf Course Road, Fort AugustusDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 56746Offers Over £255,000Munro & Noble
Flat 3, The Moathouse, Fort Augustus
Flat 3, The Moathouse, Fort AugustusFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 51080Offers Over £250,000Macleod & MacCallum
Birch Hill, Kilmartin, Glenurquhart
Birch Hill, Kilmartin, GlenurquhartDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 56139Offers Over £249,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Dunearn, Millview Crescent, Kirkhill
Dunearn, Millview Crescent, KirkhillDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 56643Offers Over £245,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
New! New! New!
Dalshian, 48 Balmacaan Road, Drumnadrochit
Dalshian, 48 Balmacaan Road, DrumnadrochitProperty Portfolio 5 bedroomsRef: 56641Offers Over £240,000Murchison Law
29 Braeview Park, Beauly
29 Braeview Park, BeaulyDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 56608Offers Over £235,000Innes & MacKay
Moniack View Development, Kirkhill Inverness
Moniack View Development, Kirkhill InvernessDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 55769Price on ApplicationHarper Macleod
Tarff Brae, Abbey Gardens, Fort Augustus
Tarff Brae, Abbey Gardens, Fort AugustusDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 56623Offers Over £225,000South Forrest
St Josephs, Fort William Road, Fort Augustus
St Josephs, Fort William Road, Fort AugustusSemi-Detached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 56517Offers Over £222,000Munro & NobleUnder Offer
The Glebe, Kiltarlity
The Glebe, KiltarlityProperty Portfolio 2 and 3 bedroomsRef: 47613Prices from £220,000Harper MacleodUnder Offer
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The Manse, Daviot
The Manse, DaviotDetached Bungalow 5 bedroomsRef: 56817Offers Over £215,000Church of Scotland
New! New! New!
Taransay, 38 Abertarff Place, Fort Augustus
Taransay, 38 Abertarff Place, Fort AugustusDetached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 56782Offers Over £215,000Munro & Noble
Rowan Cottage, Milton, Drumnadrochit
Rowan Cottage, Milton, DrumnadrochitDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 51629Fixed £210,000Murchison Law
Viewfield, Balcarse Farm Road, Kirkhill
Viewfield, Balcarse Farm Road, KirkhillDetached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 53459Around £210,000Innes & MacKay
Hillside, Teandalloch, BeaulySold
Hillside, Teandalloch, BeaulyDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 56205Offers Over £205,000Sold by Innes & MacKay
Duncansby, Mill View Lane, Kirkhill
Duncansby, Mill View Lane, KirkhillDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 55968Offers Over £205,000Macleod & MacCallumUnder Offer
1 Farr Cottages, Farr
1 Farr Cottages, FarrSemi-Detached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 56703Offers Over £190,000Innes & MacKayUnder Offer
Development potential, Drumbuie Lodge, Drumnadrochit
Development potential, Drumbuie Lodge, DrumnadrochitLand Ref: 56164Offers Over £185,000Innes & MacKay
Leannan, Lettoch Muir, Wyndhill Beauly
Leannan, Lettoch Muir, Wyndhill BeaulyDetached Cottage 4 bedroomsRef: 54961Offers Over £180,000Innes & MacKayUnder Offer
2 Balnain, Balnain, DrumnadrochitSold
2 Balnain, Balnain, DrumnadrochitDetached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 56398Offers Over £180,000Sold by Harper Macleod
131 Manse Road, Ardersier
131 Manse Road, ArdersierDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 56651Offers Over £175,000Harper Macleod
Plot 2 at Balchraggan, Abriachan
Plot 2 at Balchraggan, AbriachanLand - (4 acres | 1.62 hectares)Ref: 56604Fixed £175,000Innes & MacKay
Plot 1, Orbis Parcs Loch Ness, Drumnadrochit
Plot 1, Orbis Parcs Loch Ness, DrumnadrochitDetached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 55302Fixed £174,995Munro & Noble
New! New! New!
20 Tomich, By Cannich
20 Tomich, By CannichTerraced House 3 bedroomsRef: 56780Offers Over £170,000Munro & Noble
Plot 2, Orbis Parcs Loch Ness, Drumnadrochit
Plot 2, Orbis Parcs Loch Ness, DrumnadrochitDetached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 55304Fixed £169,995Munro & Noble
Over 10k Below Valuation
Dhivach Cottage, 25 Borlum Bridge, Lewiston Drumnadrochit
Dhivach Cottage, 25 Borlum Bridge, Lewiston DrumnadrochitTerraced House 3 bedroomsRef: 55596Offers Over £169,500Innes & MacKay
New! New! New!
34 Newton Park, Kirkhill
34 Newton Park, KirkhillDetached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 56786Offers Over £165,000Innes & MacKay
Plot & Land At Highfield, Gorthleck
Plot & Land At Highfield, GorthleckLand Ref: 56737Around £165,000Macleod & MacCallum
Home Report £180,000
7 Fraser Street, Beauly
7 Fraser Street, BeaulyTerraced House 4 bedroomsRef: 56068Fixed £162,000Munro & Noble
Far View, 96 High Street, Ardersier
Far View, 96 High Street, ArdersierDetached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 56606Offers Over £155,000Macleod & MacCallum
Gearr Cottage, Loch Ruthven, Aberarder
Gearr Cottage, Loch Ruthven, AberarderSemi-Detached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 56672Offers Over £145,000Macleod & MacCallumUnder Offer
Tomatin Design Apartments, Moniack View Development, Kirkhill
Tomatin Design Apartments, Moniack View Development, KirkhillFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 52887Fixed £145,000Harper Macleod
Land NE Windyhills, Achlaschoille Farm, Farr
Land NE Windyhills, Achlaschoille Farm, FarrLand - (1.42 acres | 0.57 hectares)Ref: 54318Offers Over £140,000Munro & Noble
10 Aird Road, Beauly
10 Aird Road, BeaulyTerraced House 2 bedroomsRef: 56652Offers Over £135,000Macleod & MacCallumUnder Offer
£5,000 Below Valuation
9 Croft Road, Kiltarlity
9 Croft Road, KiltarlitySemi-Detached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 56531Offers Over £135,000P Black Solicitors Ltd
Plot at Culnakirk, Drumnadrochit
Plot at Culnakirk, DrumnadrochitBuilding Site - (1 acres | 0.4 hectares)Ref: 51211Offers Over £130,000A Fraser & Co
14 Carse Place, Kirkhill
14 Carse Place, KirkhillSemi-Detached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 47761Offers Over £130,000Stuart & Company
Colorado, Sanctuary, Fort Augustus
Colorado, Sanctuary, Fort AugustusHoliday Home 2 bedroomsRef: 56327Prices from £129,000Macleod & MacCallum
Plot, Farr
Plot, FarrBuilding Site Ref: 54406Offers Over £125,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)Under Offer
3 Moorings, Loch Ness Holiday Park Invermoriston
3 Moorings, Loch Ness Holiday Park InvermoristonChalet 2 bedroomsRef: 56692Offers Over £120,000Macleod & MacCallum
4 Aird House, Beauly
4 Aird House, BeaulyFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 56701Offers Over £120,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
2 Fort William Road, Fort Augustus
2 Fort William Road, Fort AugustusSemi-Detached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 56658Offers Over £112,000Macleod & MacCallum
8 Croyard Park, BeaulySold
8 Croyard Park, BeaulyFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 56509Offers Over £110,000Sold by Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Plot at Forest Lodge, Gorthleck Inverness-shire
Plot at Forest Lodge, Gorthleck Inverness-shireBuilding Site Ref: 55897Offers Over £100,000Macleod & MacCallumUnder Offer
New! New! New!
52 High Street, Beauly
52 High Street, BeaulyFlat 3 bedroomsRef: 56587Offers Over £100,000Wright, Johnston, MacKenzie
Plot of Ground, Craggan Sheaig, Balnain  GlenurquhartSold
Plot of Ground, Craggan Sheaig, Balnain GlenurquhartLand Ref: 48336Around £100,000Sold by Innes & MacKay
13 Priory Court, Beauly
13 Priory Court, BeaulyTerraced House 2 bedroomsRef: 56601Offers Over £99,990Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Building Plot, Abriachan
Building Plot, AbriachanBuilding Site Ref: 50883Offers Over £95,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Plot at Bredaig, Kiltarlity
Plot at Bredaig, KiltarlityBuilding Site Ref: 55166Offers Over £95,000MacAndrew & Jenkins
£8,000 Below Home Report
Balcony Apartment, Glen of Ferness, Drumnadrochit
Balcony Apartment, Glen of Ferness, DrumnadrochitMaisonette 2 bedroomsRef: 56552Fixed £92,000Munro & Noble
6.5 acres of croft land, North Teavarron, Kiltarlity
6.5 acres of croft land, North Teavarron, KiltarlityLand Ref: 53265Offers Over £90,000Murchison Law
Vectis Cottage, Stuart Street, Ardersier
Vectis Cottage, Stuart Street, ArdersierDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 55321Offers Over £90,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
New! New! New!
Aspen, Sanctuary, Fort Augustus
Aspen, Sanctuary, Fort AugustusChalet 2 bedroomsRef: 56837Fixed £79,000Macleod & MacCallum
Building Plots, Faichem, Invergarry
Building Plots, Faichem, InvergarryBuilding Site Ref: 54365Prices from £75,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Building Plots, Struy, Beauly
Building Plots, Struy, BeaulyBuilding Site Ref: 55588Prices from £75,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Plot at Abriachan, Abriachan
Plot at Abriachan, AbriachanBuilding Site Ref: 50863Around £75,000MacAndrew & JenkinsUnder Offer
Building Plot, Aird View, Kirkhill
Building Plot, Aird View, KirkhillBuilding Site Ref: 55574Around £75,000Fleetwood & Robb
New! New! New!
Plot and croftland 70m South of Suilven, Near Gorthleck
Plot and croftland 70m South of Suilven, Near GorthleckBuilding Site - (4 acres | 1.62 hectares)Ref: 56798Offers Over £75,000Munro & NobleUnder Offer
Land 100m NE of Myrtle Cottage, Whitebridge
Land 100m NE of Myrtle Cottage, WhitebridgeBuilding Site Ref: 56096Fixed price each £75,000Munro & Noble
Building Plot, Site 1, Reindoul, Abriachan
Building Plot, Site 1, Reindoul, AbriachanBuilding Site Ref: 55480Offers Over £74,500Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Building Plots, West Drummond, Whitebridge
Building Plots, West Drummond, WhitebridgeBuilding Site Ref: 46018Around Each £68,000Macleod & MacCallum
Reduced Price
Plot 8, Glendale Park, Invermoriston
Plot 8, Glendale Park, InvermoristonBuilding Site Ref: 54322Guide Price £65,000Macleod & MacCallum
Closing Date Set
4 Cloddymoss, Glenurquhart
4 Cloddymoss, GlenurquhartChalet 3 bedroomsRef: 55837Around £60,000Macleod & MacCallumUnder Offer
Loch Ness Highland Lodges, Invermoriston
Loch Ness Highland Lodges, InvermoristonChalet 2 bedroomsRef: 56675Prices from £59,999Macleod & MacCallum
Land 30m NW Of Martinet, Gorthleck,
Land 30m NW Of Martinet, Gorthleck, Land Ref: 54489Offers Over £55,000Munro & Noble
Building Plots at Tornabrach, Old Military Road, Fort Augustus
Building Plots at Tornabrach, Old Military Road, Fort AugustusBuilding Site Ref: 46513Offers over each £47,500Harper Macleod
Plot at Victoria Buildings, Drumnadrochit
Plot at Victoria Buildings, DrumnadrochitLand Ref: 53483Offers Over £30,000Macleod & MacCallum
4 School Brae, Croy, Inverness
4 School Brae, Croy, InvernessDetached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 56572Rent p.m. £1,150Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert (Letting)Available from 26 April 2019
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