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RefAddressBedsProperty TypeAsking Price
51267Fairview, Earls Cross Gardens, Dornoch4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £1,050,000view
55066Carnoch Farm & Cottages, Strathglass, Beauly9 bedsProperty PortfolioAround £800,000view
54003Meikle Ferry, Tain3 bedsProperty with LandOffers Over £750,000view
48248Dunraven Lodge, Golf Course Road, Strathpeffer11 bedsDetached VillaAround £565,000view
53136Drumbuie, Westhill, Inverness7 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £550,000view
53141Scorguie House, Croft Lane, Inverness5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £540,000view
54997Gu Brath, Blackpark Farm, Inverness6 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £495,000view
54591Dromnan, Garve Road, Ullapool9 bedsCommercial PropertyAround £490,000view
54656Faoilean, Torrin, By Broadford4 bedsProperty PortfolioOffers Over £480,000view
54671Seahaven, Albert Street, Nairn6 bedsDetached VillaFixed £475,000view
53934Treeton House, Ardersier, 5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £475,000view
53473Halladale, Bishopfield Road, Dornoch4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £475,000view
5369038 Southside Road, Inverness5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £470,000view
27228Park Hill Guest House, 17 Ardconnel Street, Inverness11 bedsCommercial PropertyOffers Over £465,000view
5382750 Southside Road, Inverness5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £465,000view
549093 Yairs Rise, Charleston North Kessock5 bedsDetached VillaFixed £459,000view
55371Mayfield Cottage, 10 Southside Place, Inverness5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £455,000view
54720The Old Schoolhouse, Logie Easter, Invergordon6 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £450,000view
40078Wardlaw House, Wardlaw Road, Kirkhill8 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £450,000view
54211167 Breachadh, Rogart4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £450,000view
55091P J Grant & Sons Filling Station, Transport Yard and Workshop, Forres Road NairnCommercial PropertyOffers Over £450,000view
55143Dalbuie, 15a Old Mill Lane, Inverness4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £445,000view
55230Kilmory House, Ord Muir, Muir of Ord4 bedsDetached VillaAround £445,000view
52955Achbuie, Breachloch, Culbokie5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £440,000view
54669Upper Muiryden, Killen, Fortrose5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £425,000view
54151Atherstone, 42 Fairfield Road, Inverness6 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £410,000view
553932 Darnaway Road, Inverness4 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £410,000view
54080UOBraefoot House, Corry Road, Muir of Ord5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £400,000view
55356The Elms, 19 Planefield Road, Inverness12 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £400,000view
53293Derin, Lentran5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £399,950view
5530919 Old Bar Road, Nairn4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £399,000view
54479UOShelby, Killen, Avoch5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £397,000view
54018Woodlands, Cawdor Road, Nairn6 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £395,000view
54186Kingsteps House, Lochloy Road, Nairn4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £395,000view
52960UO4 Alderfield, Inchmore5 bedsDetached VillaFixed £395,000view
51156UOGeddesmill, Raitloan, Geddes Nairn3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £395,000view
54052Greenbank Lodge and Plot, Inchomney, Rogart4 bedsHouse with Building PlotOffers Over £395,000view
54850Clunemore House, Drumnadrochit, 6 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £390,000view
52885Copperlea, Wester Phoineas, Kiltarlity4 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £390,000view
55282Airidh A'Bhuachaille And Rannoch Cottage, Leanach Crossroads, Culloden Moor Inverness5 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £370,000view
53954Boyndie, Allangrange, Munlochy4 bedsHouse with Building PlotOffers Over £370,000view
531642 Stornoway Drive, Inverness6 bedsDetached VillaAround £370,000view
55335UO28 Crown Drive, Inverness5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £370,000view
54477UOCruachan House, Culbokie, 5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £365,000view
54557Cherry Cottage, Skye of Curr Road, Dulnain Bridge5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £365,000view
52192Duntroon, 4 Queen Street, Nairn6 bedsDetached VillaAround £360,000view
55228UOChristmas Lodge, Wester Drummond, Whitebridge6 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £360,000view
543526 Strone and The Barn, Drumnadrochit6 bedsDetached CottageOffers Over £355,000view
53879Bali Hai, Highfield Park, Conon Bridge4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £355,000view
45908UOWester Brae House, Culbokie, 4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £350,000view
5514424 Slackbuie Way, Inverness5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £350,000view
55327Cherrytrees, Top Street, Conon Bridge3 bedsProperty with Granny FlatOffers Over £350,000view
52995Ravenscross & 77b Clashnagrave, Badninish, Dornoch4 bedsProperty with LandOffers Over £350,000view
54248UOAchuan, Balmakeith Park, Nairn4 bedsDetached VillaAround £350,000view
54985UOAr Dachaigh, Redhill, Allanfearn Inverness4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £350,000view
42333Development Land, Kirksheaf Road, TainBuilding SiteAround £350,000view
54994Caledonian House, Dornoch Road, Bonar Bridge7 bedsCommercial PropertyOffers Over £340,000view
55277Tigh Na Greine, Drumsmittal, North Kessock3 bedsDetached CottageOffers Over £340,000view
55158Balnapolaig Farm Cottage, Balnapolaig, Dornoch4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £340,000view
552937 Blair of Tarradale, Muir of Ord5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £340,000view
548901A Abertarff Road, Crown, Inverness5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £340,000view
55275The Old Schoolhouse, 19 Cherry Park, Balloch4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £340,000view
5304466 Ballifeary Road, Inverness5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £334,995view
54582Ulva, Strathpeffer3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £330,000view
55266UOLeyburn House, Leanaig Crossroads, Conon Bridge3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £330,000view
55213Craigmor & Cranstackie, Durine, Durness6 bedsSemi-Detached CottageOffers Over £330,000view
54495UONetheredge, Culbokie5 bedsDetached BungalowAround £330,000view
54966Ellerslie, Upper Newhall, Balblair4 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £325,000view
53907Harden, Lochloy Road, Nairn4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £325,000view
54356UOBirchwood Cottage, Hilton, Dornoch4 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £325,000view
53881UO25 Kingsmills Road, Inverness6 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £325,000view
54818The Farmhouse, Wester Feabuie, Inverness4 bedsDetached CottageOffers Over £325,000view
5529628 Hawthorn Park, Muir of Ord4 bedsDetached VillaFixed £325,000view
54770UOCorrie House, Kiltarlity, Beauly3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £320,000view
55288Tamarind, Top Street, Conon Bridge4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £320,000view
54419UOAldercroft House, Loaneckheim, Kiltarlity4 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £320,000view
54917The Elms, 5 Ballifeary Road, Inverness5 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £320,000view
53562The Rose Guest House, Baddidarroch Road, Lochinver11 bedsCommercial PropertyOffers Over £320,000view
55089Carn Bhren, Main Street, Portmahomack5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £320,000view
53622Phopachy Farmhouse, Bunchrew, 5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £315,000view
54367Grace's Barn, Arrina, Strathcarron2 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £315,000view
54647UO26 Bishops View, Inverness5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £315,000view
54824Tigh Sona, Culloden Moor, Inverness4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £310,000view
55217UOShuna, 31 Culloden Road, Inverness3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £310,000view
54162Beannachd, Lonemore, Dornoch5 bedsHouse with Building PlotOffers Over £310,000view
54255UOAllt Mor, Carbostbeg, Carbost4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £310,000view
550793 Willowbank, Islands Court, Island Bank Road Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £308,000view
54715Strathglass View, Cannich3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £305,000view
544304 Islands House, Island Bank Road Inverness4 bedsFlatOffers Over £305,000view
53017Birch Lodge, Strathpeffer4 bedsDetached VillaAround £300,000view
55379Seawinds, Camusteel, Applecross4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £300,000view
54855UOTaigh Nan Craobhan, Woodlands, Dingwall4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £300,000view
549262 Cameron Gardens, Tain6 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £300,000view
5533836A Seabank Road, Nairn4 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £300,000view
50394UO15 Achnairn, Lairg3 bedsProperty with LandAround £300,000view
552009 Ord Road, Muir of Ord4 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £299,950view
544098 Hayfield Avenue, Inverness4 bedsDetached VillaFixed £295,000view
55318Solasta, Lochdhu, Nairn3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £295,000view
50061Leeward, Golf Road, Brora4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £295,000view
51084The Clachan, South Road, Wick6 bedsCommercial PropertyAround £295,000view
55182Chanonry Cottage, Ness Road, Fortrose4 bedsDetached CottageOffers Over £295,000view
55039Alma, 4 Knott, Skeabost Portree4 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £295,000view
54630UO11 Cabrich, Kirkhill5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £295,000view
50950UOCladdagh, Heights of Achterneed, Strathpeffer6 bedsDetached VillaAround £295,000view
54727Parkburn, High Street, Grantown on Spey7 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £290,000view
55269UO7 Chanonry Crescent, Fortrose3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £290,000view
54904Ardroy, 17 High Street, Fortrose4 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £289,995view
55085UO4 Elmwood Avenue, Milton of Leys Inverness5 bedsDetached VillaFixed £289,500view
53631Telford House, Main Street, Portmahomack4 bedsDetached VillaAround £287,500view
55236UOIngleneuk, 1 North Street, Dornoch2 bedsDetached CottageOffers Over £285,000view
55334UOCampfield Lodge, Stratherrick Road, Inverness5 bedsSemi-Detached VillaAround £285,000view
52682Eagle View, Altass, Lairg3 bedsDetached BungalowAround £285,000view
55308The Old House, 7a Castle Street, Dingwall5 bedsMaisonetteOffers Over £285,000view
55064Lower Bayfield, Nigg Tain4 bedsProperty with LandOffers Over £280,000view
5490516 Newton Gate, Nairn3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £280,000view
5539823 Lochardil Place, Inverness5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £280,000view
55232UO9 Druid Temple Crescent, Inverness3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £279,950view
54496UO16 Chanonry Crescent, Fortrose3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £279,000view
48925The Charts, Upper Lybster, Lybster5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £275,000view
49156Wildside Development, WhitebridgeBuilding SiteOffers Over £275,000view
55131UO10 Cocked Hat Wood, Culbokie4 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £275,000view
52559Dara-a-Cheoil, Wester Galcantray, Cawdor4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £275,000view
54174Cairnhill, High Street, Dornoch5 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £270,000view
55253UOBurnside House, Lentran, Inverness3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £270,000view
55352Quoy-Brekka, Cockburn Place, Elgin5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £270,000view
54032UO8 Lochardil Place, Inverness4 bedsDetached VillaFixed £269,500view
51239Hillcrest, Badnaban, Lochinver5 bedsDetached BungalowFixed £267,000view
5536438 Ardbreck Place, Inverness4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £265,000view
55156Balvatn House, West Watten, Wick4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £265,000view
55025Torwood, 16 Greenside Avenue, Rosemarkie4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £265,000view
54394Conag, Pitfure, Rogart3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £265,000view
553921 Darnaway Avenue, Inverness3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £265,000view
55247UOGlenspean, Culbokie3 bedsDetached BungalowAround £265,000view
54136Gneiss House, Invershin, 4 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £260,000view
47345UOFas-na-Coille, Bunoich Brae, Fort Augustus4 bedsDetached VillaAround £260,000view
53683New Build House, Carrieblair, Edderton4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £260,000view
52195UOLangdale, Merryton Crescent, Nairn6 bedsDetached VillaAround £260,000view
5522020 Dukes View, Inverness4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £260,000view
54283Claigan House, Dunvegan, Isle of Skye4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £260,000view
55161UO5 Primrose Hill, Culduthel Inverness4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £260,000view
53278UOOrnum, Moss-side, Nairn4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £259,995view
54548Rodel, 1 Canonbury Terrace, Fortrose4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £257,500view
55385UO57 Holm Park, Inverness4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £257,000view
5521223 Miller Gardens, Inverness3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £255,000view
55196UO1 Gilchrist Square, Dornoch2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £255,000view
55106UOWillowbank, Brae of Kinkell, Conon Bridge3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £255,000view
54329Lilac Cottage, 29-31 High Street, Rosemarkie3 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £250,000view
55317Blaven, Bunchrew3 bedsDetached BungalowAround £250,000view
52702Wick High School, West Banks Avenue, WickCommercial PropertyOffers Over £250,000view
55389Foxton, Fearn, Tain3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £250,000view
55168Pino Nero, 14 Big Sand, Gairloch3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £250,000view
52659UOCrossburn, Clashmore, Dornoch4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £250,000view
51080Flat 3, The Moathouse, Fort Augustus2 bedsFlatOffers Over £250,000view
5526332 Green Drive, Inverness4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £250,000view
5522943a Seabank Road, Nairn3 bedsFlatOffers Over £250,000view
54625Ardmore House, 80 Torbreck, Lochinver4 bedsDetached VillaAround £250,000view
55110UO47 Oakdene Court, Inverness3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £250,000view
55372High Mills House, Glenaldie, Tain3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £250,000view
55399Cnoc Na Caorann, Wester Drummond Whitebridge3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £249,950view
54437Broombank, Drumchardine, Kirkhill3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £249,500view
55375Shalom, 59 King Street, Nairn4 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £245,000view
55257Sealladh Breagh, 1 Glen Uachdarach, Glenhinnisdale, Portree3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £245,000view
5530346 Grigor Drive, Inverness4 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £245,000view
549165 Cherry Wynd, Culbokie3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £245,000view
54600UO2 Tower Gardens, Tower Street Tain6 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £245,000view
55290Turning Tide, 1 Coast, Poolewe3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £245,000view
50925New Builds, Fasaich, Strath Gairloch4 bedsDetached VillaPrices from £245,000view
54839UOLoandhu House, Fearn, Tain4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £245,000view
50190Benachie, Free Church Manse, Lochinver5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £245,000view
54132Spierfield, Balblair, Dingwall4 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £240,000view
54737UOThe Rowans, 8 North Erradale, Gairloch3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £240,000view
51339Croft 2, Badrallach Dundonnell3 bedsDetached VillaAround £240,000view
54918UOCleish, Golf Course Road, Strathpeffer3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £240,000view
54063Kildale, Clashmore, Dornoch3 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £240,000view
54981Tigh An Allt, Letters, Loch Broom3 bedsDetached CottageOffers Over £240,000view
52064UO5 Viewfield Road, Tain5 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £239,950view
53911UO13 Wards Drive, Muir of Ord4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £239,000view
545204 Montgomerie Drive, Nairn3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £239,000view
53737Forvie, St Ninian Road, Nairn4 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £235,000view
55055Braim Lodge, Station Road, Conon Bridge2 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £235,000view
53809Littleburn, Clashmore, Dornoch3 bedsDetached BungalowAround £235,000view
51325Saddler`s House, Main Street, Lairg4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £235,000view
54975Old Post Office House, Littlemill, Nairn3 bedsDetached CottageAround £235,000view
5377198 Torroble, Lairg3 bedsCroftOffers Over £235,000view
553577 Burn Brae Place, Westhill Inverness3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £230,000view
50003UOShalladubh, Balblair4 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £230,000view
55084Portland House, Pitkerrald Road, Drumnadrochit5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £230,000view
54848Kingillie, Low Road, Gairloch4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £230,000view
5474111 Castle Street, Fortrose3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £230,000view
553051 Balnapolaig Steading, Dornoch2 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £230,000view
5514638 Fairfield Road, Inverness4 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £230,000view
51859Am Fasgadh, Tomatin5 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £230,000view
5527226 Westfield Brae, Inverness4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £229,950view
49497Old Schoolhouse, Hilton of Cadboll Tain4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £229,000view
5503623 Trafford Avenue, Inverness3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £225,000view
5540835 Castle Heather Crescent, Inverness3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £225,000view
53299Beachview, 165a Drumnaguie, Kinlochbervie5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £225,000view
5525019 Wyvis Crescent, Conon Bridge3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £225,000view
55276Apple Tree Cottage, East Watergate, Fortrose3 bedsDetached CottageOffers Over £225,000view
52350The Old Brewery, Tomich3 bedsDetached VillaFixed £225,000view
552512 The Cottages, Littlemill, Nairn3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £225,000view
552941 Primrose Bay, Invermoriston3 bedsDetached CottageOffers Over £225,000view
54589Cartmel, Birchburn Road, Aultbea5 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £225,000view
52506Bay Owl Inn & Restaurant, Plots & Land, DunbeathCommercial PropertyPrices from £220,000view
54494Brahan, Doll, Brora3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £220,000view
53782UOLynnwood, Station Road, Conon Bridge3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £220,000view
5453712 Barclay Drive, Fortrose3 bedsDetached VillaAround £220,000view
55105Greystones, Leodebest, Latheron5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £220,000view
54529UOBraefield, 8 Brahan View, Conon Bridge2 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £220,000view
47613The Glebe, Kiltarlity2 bedsProperty PortfolioPrices from £220,000view
55197UO14 Woodlands Way, Westhill Inverness3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £218,000view
544902 Morangie Road, Tain4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £217,500view
5198126 Altass, Lairg3 bedsDetached BungalowAround £215,000view
55328UO14 Lodgehill Park, Nairn3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £215,000view
53459Viewfield, Balcarse Farm Road, Kirkhill4 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £215,000view
55350UO36 Holm Park, Inverness3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £215,000view
55259UO58 Towerhill Avenue, Inverness3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £215,000view
54556Heathcote Cottage, 20A Park Street, Nairn3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £215,000view
55112The Bungalow, Curin, Strathconon3 bedsDetached BungalowAround £215,000view
5523111 Fettes Road, Ardersier3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £215,000view
54642The Chimneys, 36 High Street, Avoch5 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £215,000view
55021UO10 MacKeddie Drive, Fortrose3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £215,000view
55382Glenbeg, 1 Kenneth Street, Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £213,000view
545234 Gordon Terrace, Fearn4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £210,000view
55069UO33 Clachnaharry Road, Inverness2 bedsDetached CottageAround £210,000view
54996UODorrachan and Land, Delny Invergordon3 bedsProperty with LandOffers Over £210,000view
55102UOOrrin House, 17 Culloden Road, Inverness3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £210,000view
55240Ceol Na Mara, Achnacarnin, Stoer Lochinver3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £210,000view
54402Mountain View, Kinlochbervie3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £210,000view
553104 Torness Road, Inverness3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £210,000view
5512736 Holm Dell Place, Inverness3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £210,000view
51629Rowan Cottage, Milton, Drumnadrochit3 bedsDetached VillaFixed £210,000view
53077Highfield, Portmahomack, Tain3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £205,000view
55367104 Nevis Park, Inverness3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £205,000view
55248Corrielea, Skiach, Evanton3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £205,000view
51021Kintail, Golf Road, Brora3 bedsDetached BungalowAround £205,000view
548696 Monks Walk, Fearn3 bedsDetached BungalowAround £205,000view
551842 Petley Place, Tain4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £200,000view
54805Broomhill, Nigg, Tain5 bedsDetached CottageOffers Over £200,000view
55242UO17 Riverford Crescent, Conon Bridge3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £200,000view
55316Croft 2, Badluarach, Dundonnell3 bedsProperty with LandOffers Over £200,000view
54913UOPlot 42, 7 Forester's Houses, Forester's Way Inverness3 bedsTerraced HouseFixed £200,000view
54515Martinet, Gorthleck, 3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £200,000view
54534Oaklea, Bhlaraidh, Glenmoriston3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £200,000view
553471 Swanston Avenue, Scorguie Inverness3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £200,000view
553659 Grant Place, Firhall Nairn2 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £200,000view
55108Rosslyn Villa, Castle Street, Dornoch4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £200,000view
5372018 Firthview, Dingwall3 bedsDetached VillaFixed £200,000view
50020Phase 1 & Phase 2, Ballachraggan, KildaryBuilding SiteGuide Price £199,995view
50759Struie, Meadows Park Road, Dornoch3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £199,995view
54115Kyle Lodge, Altass, Lairg4 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £199,000view
54888Sunnyside, Manse Street, Tain4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £198,000view
5523813 Leachkin Terrace, Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £197,000view
54594Blairmore, Craig Road, Dingwall4 bedsDetached VillaAround £195,000view
55289UO30 Royal Marine Apartments, Marine Road, Nairn3 bedsFlatOffers Over £195,000view
5519293 Overton Avenue, Scorguie Inverness3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £195,000view
55320Highbury, Crammond Brae, Tain3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £195,000view
54555Spindrift, Gairloch, 3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £195,000view
53320Land at, Achlaschoille FarrLandFixed £195,000view
51017UOCalagorm, Castle Bay, Isle of Barra4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £195,000view
55083The Bungalow, Forres Road, Nairn4 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £195,000view
55172Linside Cottage, 9 Linsidemore by Lairg3 bedsDetached CottageOffers Over £195,000view
5512810 Castlefield Apartments, Druid Temple Road, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £195,000view
5526821 Culbin Crescent, Nairn3 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £192,000view
53664UO39 Moss Side Road, Nairn3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £190,000view
5538349 Nevis Park, Inverness3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £190,000view
55174UO65 Miller Road, Inverness2 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £190,000view
55090UO13 Culduthel Place, Inverness2 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £190,000view
54654UOThe Manse, High Street, Avoch4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £190,000view
47191123-125 High Street, Nairn3 bedsCommercial PropertyOffers Over £189,000view
552854 Cameron Road, Tain3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £188,000view
52664Deans Park, Sutherland Road, Dornoch3 bedsDetached VillaPrices from £186,000view
50794Montrose Woods Development, Auldearn2 bedsDetached BungalowPrices from £185,540view
54220Plots 9 & 11, Mountrich Place, DingwallBuilding SiteOffers Over £185,000view
54033Dundonan, 30 Golf Road, Brora4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £185,000view
55163UO1 Ardconnel Street, Inverness3 bedsMaisonetteFixed £185,000view
55351UO9 Kintail Place, Dingwall4 bedsDetached VillaAround £185,000view
53155Little Sunnybank, 12 Shore Street, Ullapool3 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £185,000view
51927West Wing, Elsick House, Strathpeffer2 bedsMaisonetteOffers Over £185,000view
5527323 Cameron Avenue, Balloch, Inverness3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £185,000view
53124The Old Mission House, Upper Garafad, Staffin, Isle of Skye3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £185,000view
547839 Firhall House, Firhall Nairn2 bedsFlatOffers Over £185,000view
54692UORosebrae, 2 High Street, Ardersier4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £185,000view
552604 Nairnside View, Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £185,000view
50383The Croft & Sea Croft, Melvaig2 bedsDetached CottageAround £182,000view
5538415 Mason Road, Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £182,000view
49472UO18 Davis Drive, Alness3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £180,000view
55388Belmont, 8 Ben Bhraggie Drive, Golspie3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £180,000view
5529830B The Cairns, Muir of Ord3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £180,000view
5521018a Redcastle View, Kirkhill3 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £180,000view
54961UOLeannan, Lettoch Muir, Wyndhill Beauly4 bedsDetached CottageOffers Over £180,000view
54358UOLand at Achpopuli, AbriachanLandOffers Over £180,000view
54046Rehoboth, Main Street, Lochcarron5 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £180,000view
55138UO17 Spires Crescent, Nairn3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £180,000view
5337917 Gate Street, Embo3 bedsSemi-Detached CottageAround £180,000view
55271UO9 Mason Road, Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £178,000view
51305UOPlot 2, Balchraggan, AbriachanBuilding SiteFixed £175,000view
5533727 King Brude Terrace, Inverness3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £175,000view
52440Ceol-nan-Eun, Achtercairn Brae, Gairloch3 bedsDetached BungalowFixed £175,000view
54388Cairnlea, Golspie, 4 bedsDetached VillaAround £175,000view
550203 Cromlet Park, Invergordon2 bedsDetached BungalowAround £175,000view
53584New Steadings, Tarrel Farm, Tarrel PortmahomackBuilding SiteAround £175,000view
546747 Mackenzie Gardens, Dornoch3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £175,000view
54701Enfield House, Main Street, Fearn4 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £175,000view
55302Plot 1, Orbis Parcs Loch Ness, Drumnadrochit2 bedsDetached BungalowFixed £174,995view
53386UO106 Beech Avenue, Achareidh Nairn3 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £173,000view
551264 Inshes Mews, Inverness2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £173,000view
546489-11 High Street, Invergordon3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaAround £172,500view
5530010 Teaninich Paddock, Alness3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £172,000view
553775 Moray Park Avenue, Culloden Inverness3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £172,000view
55116Ryvoan, Muiralehouse Bridge, Avoch2 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £170,000view
54935Beinn Arkle, Upper Arcan Road, Marybank3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £170,000view
5522113 Kincraig Terrace, Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £170,000view
5514149 Inshes Mews, Inverness2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £170,000view
54943UO2 Society Street, Nairn4 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £170,000view
550271 Queen Street, Tain4 bedsSemi-Detached VillaAround £170,000view
54766Tullochard, Scouriemore, Scourie3 bedsDetached CottageOffers Over £170,000view
55304Plot 2, Orbis Parcs Loch Ness, Drumnadrochit2 bedsDetached BungalowFixed £169,995view
5537612 Maryfield Gardens, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £169,750view
54698UOThe Rowans, East Lewiston, Drumnadrochit2 bedsSemi-Detached CottageOffers Over £168,000view
54877UOMorar, Ardgay Hill, Ardgay3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £168,000view
548107 King Street Lane, Nairn2 bedsDetached CottageFixed £165,000view
54376UO7 Royal Oak Drive, Invergordon2 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £165,000view
5535317 Murray Place, Smithton2 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £165,000view
54525UOElephant House, Ardclach, Nairn1 bedroomDetached BungalowOffers Over £165,000view
5529240 Essich Gardens, Inverness2 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £164,500view
55120UO17 Redcastle View, Kirkhill2 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £163,000view
54673UO76 Innes Street, Inverness3 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £162,500view
553708 Westfield Brae, Inverness2 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £162,000view
51930Sybil's, 3 Broomhill, Farr3 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £160,000view
55291UO41 Ferry Brae, North Kessock3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £160,000view
5532225 Drumossie Avenue, Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £160,000view
54398Moorfield, Torgoyle, Glenmoriston3 bedsDetached VillaAround £160,000view
55373Lentran Lodge, Lentran, 2 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £160,000view
51127The Thatched Croft, 6 Gartymore, Helmsdale2 bedsDetached CottageAround £160,000view
5455014 Park Street, Nairn4 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £160,000view
53626UO60 Loch Avenue, Nairn4 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £160,000view
54279The Exchange, Stafford Terrace, Brora3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £160,000view
507388 Main Street, Balintore5 bedsSemi-Detached CottageOffers Over £160,000view
550246 Wester Rarichie, Nigg4 bedsSemi-Detached CottageOffers Over £160,000view
54965Newton House, Chapelhill, Portmahomack2 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £159,995view
51303Blair House, Edderton by Tain3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £159,950view
53216UO31 Old Bar Road, Nairn2 bedsFlatOffers Over £159,000view
549296 Birch Place, Culloden Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £157,000view
552612 Scorguie Avenue, Inverness2 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £155,000view
54353Post Office House, Great North Road, Muir of Ord3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £155,000view
5422911 South Erradale, Gairloch2 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £155,000view
545601 Skinner Place, Dornoch3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £155,000view
55016UO5 Grant Crescent, Dornoch2 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £155,000view
55178UOHillview, Culbokie2 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £155,000view
55330UO44 Overton Avenue, Inverness2 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowAround £155,000view
53561UOAllander, Mill Road, Nairn4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £155,000view
54338UO2 Merryton Crescent, Nairn2 bedsDetached BungalowAround £155,000view
54942UO3 Moss Side Road, Nairn3 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £155,000view
55225Lochview, Drumbeg, Drumbeg3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £155,000view
525382 Innes Maree Bungalows, Poolewe3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £152,500view
55012Land at Broombank Cottage, 2 Culloden Road, Balloch InvernessBuilding SiteOffers Over £150,000view
5528410 Larchwood Cresent, Inverness2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £150,000view
514692 Broomhill, Farr3 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £150,000view
54978329 Embo Street, Hilton Dornoch3 bedsDetached VillaAround £150,000view
51922The Wellington Centre, Wick Industrial Estate, WickCommercial PropertyOffers Over £150,000view
550566 Cameron Gardens, Tain2 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £150,000view
53882Kalimbuka, Dornoch Road, Bonar Bridge4 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £150,000view
55198UO15 Muirden Road, Maryburgh3 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £148,000view
54993Building Plot & Croft, Ardindrean, Loch BroomBuilding SiteOffers Over £148,000view
55329Benview, Borve, Isle of skye3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £145,000view
539023 Lower Kincraig Cottages, Invergordon3 bedsSemi-Detached CottageOffers Over £145,000view
55137UO12 Doocot Road, Auldearn3 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowAround £145,000view
55279Plot at Redburn, Allangrange, North KessockBuilding SiteOffers Over £145,000view
52887Tomatin Design Apartments, Moniack View Development, Kirkhill2 bedsFlatFixed £145,000view
5530723 Blackwell Road, Inverness2 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £142,000view
5169915a Young Street, Inverness4 bedsFlatOffers Over £142,000view
55074UO20 Tomatin Road, Inverness4 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £140,000view
52129Clifton, Strath, Gairloch3 bedsFlatOffers Over £140,000view
54318Land NE Windyhills, Achlaschoille Farm, FarrLandOffers Over £140,000view
5258529 Highland Park, Barbaraville Invergordon2 bedsRetirement PropertyOffers Over £140,000view
55237UOBridge House, High Street, Conon Bridge2 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £140,000view
54022UO10 Farraline Court, Strothers Lane Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £138,000view
5488512 Chapel Place, Portmahomack3 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £137,000view
550763 East Tarrel Cottages, Portmahomack2 bedsSemi-Detached CottageOffers Over £135,000view
5517189 Galloway Drive, Culloden3 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £135,000view
5518515 Holm Burn Place, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £135,000view
552113 Toll Bridge Cottages, Avoch2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £135,000view
541682 Achlorachan, Strathconon 3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaAround £135,000view
53513Uitenhage, 66 Novar Road, Alness2 bedsDetached CottageAround £135,000view
54459Moor Of Lettoch, Windhill, Beauly2 bedsDetached CottageAround £135,000view
542512 Lochiel Place, Nairn3 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £135,000view
550788 Springfield Gardens, Tain2 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £135,000view
55265Niaroo, Wester Rarichie, Fearn4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £135,000view
53343UO2 Inchmore, Struy Beauly3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaFixed £135,000view
5355518 Highland Park, Barbaraville, Invergordon2 bedsDetached BungalowFixed £135,000view
55088UO37 Blackwell Court, Inverness2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £135,000view
49960Mains of Forse, LatheronBuilding SiteOffers Over £133,500view
553692 Bridgend, Strathconon3 bedsSemi-Detached CottageOffers Over £133,000view
55226143a Oldtown Road, Hilton Inverness3 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £132,000view
43816Tower Development, Culloden Road, Westhill InvernessBuilding SiteOffers Over £130,000view
55233UO25b High Street, Avoch2 bedsFlatOffers Over £130,000view
54256Achnacarnin Chalets, Stoer, Lochinver2 bedsChaletOffers Over £130,000view
49194Torfeddy, Drumbeg, Assynt3 bedsDetached CottageFixed £130,000view
4776114 Carse Place, Kirkhill3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £130,000view
55239Morven, Findon, Culbokie3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £130,000view
54618Cottage at Upper Culdrain, Rogart, Detached VillaAround £130,000view
5534913 Bishopfield Road, Dornoch3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £130,000view
5366342 Shore Street, Nairn2 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £130,000view
53618UO12 Rose Street, Nairn2 bedsDetached CottageOffers Over £130,000view
55155UO2 Oakdean Place, Nairn2 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £130,000view
5511126 Seaforth Road, Golspie3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £130,000view
51211Plot at Culnakirk, DrumnadrochitBuilding SiteOffers Over £130,000view
52963Croft 316, Culkein, DrumbegLandOffers Over £130,000view
54878UOMigdale Cottage, School Street, Fearn2 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £129,000view
5533913 Ness Court, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £128,000view
55104UORoneval, Dornoch Road, Bonar Bridge2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £126,000view
5421512 Highland Park, Barbaraville Invergordon2 bedsRetirement PropertyFixed £125,000view
510019 Inver Park, Lochinver3 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £125,000view
548754b Broadstone Park, Inverness1 bedroomFlatFixed £125,000view
55246UO89 Kenneth Street, Inverness3 bedsFlatAround £125,000view
5503811 Society Street, Nairn3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £125,000view
55267Caladh, 10 Kirkton Road, Lochcarron3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £125,000view
54406Plot, FarrBuilding SiteOffers Over £125,000view
5507322 Margaret Street, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £125,000view
54509Building Site at Herdmuir, Nairnside, InvernessBuilding SiteAround £125,000view
5535891 Balloan Road, Inverness2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £125,000view
55227UOCraigview Cottage, Courthill Road, Rosemarkie2 bedsDetached CottageOffers Over £125,000view
53831Flat 8, Charlotte Court, Moss Side Road Nairn2 bedsFlatOffers Over £125,000view
55132UO9 Rowan Grove, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £123,000view
5516913 Culduthel Park, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £122,000view
53324Loch Shin Bungalows, Loch Shin, Lairg3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £120,000view
53812Plot at Balchraggan, CabrichBuilding SiteOffers Over £120,000view
553139 Johnston Place, Inverness2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £120,000view
551872 Mackenzie House, Royal Park Ullapool2 bedsFlatFixed £120,000view
55315Plots 3 & 4 Merryton Gardens, NairnBuilding SiteOffers Over £120,000view
552035 The Old Post Office, Main Street, Golspie2 bedsFlatOffers Over £120,000view
54828The Oriel, 6 Dunrobin St, Tain1 bedroomSemi-Detached CottageOffers Over £120,000view
552244 Main St, Inver3 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £120,000view
5536018 Rosslyn Street, Brora2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £120,000view
54723Accadia, Lower Gledfield, Ardgay1 bedroomDetached BungalowOffers Over £119,995view
54957UO17 Torr Gardens, Dores2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £119,000view
53742UO49 Culduthel Park, Inverness2 bedsFlatFixed £119,000view
5167943 Brae Tongue, Tongue 5 bedsDetached CottageAround £119,000view
5540018 Fountain Road, Tain2 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £118,000view
552551c Station Square, Fortrose2 bedsFlatOffers Over £118,000view
55092UOGlencoe, 15 Rosshill Drive, Maryburgh3 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowAround £115,000view
5540115 Croft Road, Nairn2 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £115,000view
5521645-47 High Street, KingussieResidential/CommercialAround £115,000view
5489412 Portland Terrace, Church Street Nairn2 bedsMaisonetteOffers Over £115,000view
55057UO6 Scorguie Court, Scorguie Inverness2 bedsFour-PlexOffers Over £115,000view
55325Flat 2, 3 High Street, Nairn2 bedsFlatOffers Over £115,000view
5493225 Alltan Court, Culloden Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £115,000view
5528130 Alltan Court, Culloden Inverness2 bedsFlatFixed £115,000view
55374117 Alltan Place, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £115,000view
54184UOMilton of Braichlaich, Gollanfield, InvernessSemi-Detached CottageOffers Over £115,000view
536494 The Byre, Cromarty2 bedsFlatFixed £115,000view
54733UO2 Huntly Terrace, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £115,000view
542422 Macleod Crescent, Altnaharra Lairg3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaAround £115,000view
5496713 Mill Way, Brora2 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £115,000view
5524926 Alltan Court, Culloden Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £114,000view
552701 Millburn Square, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £112,000view
54596UO36 Bruce Avenue, Dingwall3 bedsTerraced HouseAround £112,000view
503961A Sgitheach Place, Evanton2 bedsFlatOffers Over £112,000view
554116a Gordonville Road, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £112,000view
55199UO2 Thornbush Road, Inverness2 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £110,000view
55274UO30 Blarmore Avenue, Inverness1 bedroomSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £110,000view
50514Former Newhall School & Schoolhouse, Newhall, Balblair3 bedsCommercial PropertyOffers Over £110,000view
54340Tigh a Chuilinn, Tulloch Road, Bonar Bridge4 bedsSemi-Detached VillaAround £110,000view
54895Saltburn Community Centre, 6 Saltburn, InvergordonCommercial PropertyAround £110,000view
50931Plot 3, Hilton House, InvernessBuilding SiteOffers Over £110,000view
55264UO12 Croyard Park, Beauly2 bedsFlatOffers Over £110,000view
55395227 Mackintosh Road, Inverness3 bedsMaisonetteAround £108,000view
53854UOFlat 3, The Granary, Shore Road Tain2 bedsFlatOffers Over £105,000view
542633 Ardross Terrace, Tain2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £105,000view
553801 Murray Square, Lochcarron Strathcarron3 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowAround £105,000view
550194 Park Street, Nairn2 bedsDetached VillaAround £105,000view
55183UO81 Bruce Avenue, Inverness2 bedsMaisonetteOffers Over £105,000view
55215UO84 Kintail Crescent, Hilton Inverness2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £105,000view
545471 King Street, Tain2 bedsFlatOffers Over £102,500view
531032A Shop Street, Inver Tain2 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £100,000view
5487989b Murray Terrace, Inverness2 bedsFlatFixed £100,000view
5533188 Wyvis Drive, Nairn1 bedroomFour-PlexOffers Over £100,000view
5536845 Wyvis Drive, Nairn1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £100,000view
48336Plot of Ground, Craggan Sheaig, Balnain GlenurquhartLandAround £100,000view
50506UOHillhead Primary School, Willowbank, WickCommercial PropertyOffers Invitedview
30017Tigh-Na-Mara, 68 Dunrobin Street, Helmsdale2 bedsSemi-Detached CottageFixed £100,000view
55181Building Plots, Redburn, GlenmoristonBuilding SiteOffers Over £100,000view
536972 Cadboll Place, Tain3 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £99,995view
50417UOPlot at West Porin, StrathcononBuilding SiteFixed £99,500view
41650Plot 15, Coille Dhorch, Badachro GairlochBuilding SiteOffers Over £99,500view
44824The Frenchman's Cottage, Toscaig, Applecross1 bedroomDetached CottageAround £99,000view
54808UO17 Brown Square, Dingwall2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £99,000view
5485258 Gordon Terrace, Invergordon3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaFixed £99,000view
53678Rothlyn, Main Street, Golspie3 bedsDetached CottageOffers Over £99,000view
537734 St Valery Place, Joss Street, Invergordon2 bedsFlatAround £99,000view
55361UO38 Bruce Avenue, Inverness1 bedroomSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £98,000view
54239UO1 Makerston House, Beauly2 bedsFlatFixed £98,000view
52877The Old Kirk, Jamestown, StrathpefferBuilding SiteOffers Over £97,500view
54621Myron Studio, Main Street, Golspie2 bedsFlatOffers Over £97,000view
51278Bridgend Stores, Novar Road, AlnessCommercial PropertyOffers Over £95,000view
549837 Castle Close, Invergordon2 bedsFlatAround £95,000view
54960Building Plot, Mossfield, InvergordonBuilding SiteAround £95,000view
50883Building Plot, AbriachanBuilding SiteOffers Over £95,000view
55080UO2 Huntly Court, Inverness1 bedroomFlatAround £95,000view
437833 House Sites, Seaview, CulbokieBuilding SitePrices from £95,000view
48910Plot 28, Lonemore, GairlochBuilding SiteOffers Over £95,000view
55166Plot at Bredaig, KiltarlityBuilding SiteOffers Over £95,000view
545656 Cambrai Court, Station Road Dingwall2 bedsFlatFixed £94,000view
548357 Bank Street, Balintore Tain2 bedsSemi-Detached CottageOffers Over £92,500view
509873 Creag Loisgte Place, Portgower Helmsdale3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £92,000view
55175UO34 Murray Terrace, Inverness1 bedroomFlatFixed £92,000view
55099192 Firhill, Alness1 bedroomSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £92,000view
55189UOMorangie, King Street, Kingussie3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £90,000view
55195134 Murray Terrace, Inverness1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £90,000view
5424068 Torvean Avenue, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £90,000view
55295Arboll Woods Development, By New Geanies, TainBuilding SiteOffers Over £90,000view
552415 Woodville House, Tulloch Drive Nairn1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £90,000view
530122 Corriekinloch, Lairg3 bedsDetached VillaAround £90,000view
55152103 Kirkside, Alness2 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowAround £90,000view
53985124 Harbour Street, Nairn2 bedsFlatOffers Over £90,000view
552346 Inglis Road, Invergordon2 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowAround £90,000view
5530630 Argyle Court, Tain2 bedsSemi-Detached VillaFixed £90,000view
519262 House Sites, Jamestown StrathpefferBuilding SiteOffers over each £90,000view
5399618 Buchanan Court, Station Road Dingwall2 bedsFlatOffers Over £90,000view
532656.5 acres of croft land, North Teavarron, KiltarlityLandOffers Over £90,000view
44509Spruce, 2 Woodlands, Kindeace Invergordon3 bedsChaletOffers Over £89,999view
5337610 Argyle Court, Inverness1 bedroomRetirement PropertyFixed £89,500view
54310Plot 200m SE Broomton House, Loans of Tullich, FearnBuilding SiteFixed £89,000view
5532327 Argyle Court, Inverness1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £88,000view
553242 Boath Terrace, Auldearn2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £87,000view
5465921 Jubilee Drive, Tain1 bedroomSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £87,000view
5353324A Baron Taylor Street, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £87,000view
547568 King Edward Court, Invergordon1 bedroomSemi-Detached BungalowAround £86,000view
4953746 King Street, Inverness1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £86,000view
54580Langfjord, Inverkirkaig, Lochinver2 bedsChaletOffers Over £85,000view
5446065 Murray Terrace, Inverness1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £85,000view
54803The Coolins, Strathcarron3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £85,000view
53465Plot of land, Feddan, BrodieBuilding SiteOffers Over £85,000view
5476843 Lochalsh Road, Inverness1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £85,000view
540441b Carlton Terrace, Crown Inverness1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £85,000view
550597 Shore Street, Nairn1 bedroomTerraced HouseOffers Over £85,000view
51370Plot 4, Memorial Site, Aultbea, AchnasheenBuilding SiteAround £85,000view
551942 Castle Street, Tain2 bedsTerraced HouseAround £85,000view
52993Plot at Bayfield, NiggBuilding SiteOffers Over £85,000view
51036Plot at Beechburn, Raddery Drive, RosemarkieBuilding SiteOffers Over £85,000view
5501835 Murray Terrace, Inverness1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £85,000view
55170UO10 Kirkton Avenue, Lochcarron3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £85,000view
54662Building Plot, 12/13 Borve, PortreeBuilding SiteOffers Over £85,000view
5249410 Argyle Court, Dingwall1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £85,000view
4938136 Torvean Avenue, Inverness2 bedsFlatAround £85,000view
528962 Tomich Road, Invergordon2 bedsFlatOffers Over £85,000view
43782Building Plot, Inverroy Roy BridgeBuilding SiteAround £82,500view
5521837 Outram Street, Invergordon1 bedroomSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £82,000view
54112Plot at Wallace Street, DornochBuilding SiteOffers Over £80,000view
55165Croft 1, Opinan, Mellon Udrigle LaideLandOffers Over £80,000view
54714Site SE Killearnan Cottage, Inshes, InvernessBuilding SiteAround £80,000view
53703Plot at Ardmair, UllapoolBuilding SiteOffers Over £80,000view
45901Plots and Croft Land, Garryhallie, Isle of South UistBuilding SiteOffers Over £80,000view
53489Plot at Ardarroch, Kishorn Wester RossBuilding SiteOffers Over £80,000view
53864Plot 2 and 3, LochcarronLandOffers over each £80,000view
55034UOPlot Erradale, Dunmore BeaulyLandOffers Over £80,000view
5456135 Hilton Court, InvernessFlatOffers Over £80,000view
5509519 Argyle Court, Inverness1 bedroomRetirement PropertyOffers Over £80,000view
54882Building plot, AultbeaBuilding SiteOffers Over £79,500view
5359589 Coulpark, Alness3 bedsTerraced HouseAround £79,500view
54718Site 2, 13 North Erradale, GairlochBuilding SiteOffers Over £79,000view
54351Luxury Lodges, Loch Ness Lodge Retreat Fort Augustus2 bedsChaletPrices from £79,000view
5210240 Fountain Road, Tain2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £78,500view
55139UO29 Gordons Lane, Cromarty1 bedroomSemi-Detached CottageOffers Over £78,000view
52607Flat 2, Cambrai House, Station Road Dingwall1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £77,000view
552582 Uppat Place, Brora2 bedsSemi-Detached CottageOffers Over £76,500view
54299Plots 1 & 2, North of Meal Mhor, Tullich FearnBuilding SiteFixed £75,000view
551644A Cromlet Court, Invergordon1 bedroomFlatAround £75,000view
5412441 Gordon Terrace, Invergordon3 bedsTerraced HouseAround £75,000view
54365Building Plots, Faichem, InvergarryBuilding SitePrices from £75,000view
53009UOPlot 7, Allt Dubhag, TomatinBuilding SiteOffers Over £75,000view
54441Plot 50m SW of Taigh a' Bharoin, Letters, Lochbroom Nr. UllapoolBuilding SiteOffers Over £75,000view
54447Plot 30m SW of Taigh a' Bhraoin, Letters, Lochbroom Nr. UllapoolBuilding SiteOffers Over £75,000view
55397Plot at Thornhill, Torbreck, LochinverBuilding SiteAround £75,000view
53501UOCroft at Leidchruich, Heights of Dochcharty, DingwallCroftOffers Over £75,000view
54562Land at Achnasheen, AchnasheenLandOffers Over £75,000view
55405Croft 8, Wester Alligin, AchnasheenBuilding SiteOffers Over £75,000view
5504511 Abbotsford Terrace, Inverness1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £75,000view
54410Building Plot, Telford Road, InvernessBuilding SiteOffers Over £75,000view
49464Plot 1, Coille Dhorch, Badachro GairlochBuilding SiteOffers Over £75,000view
53432Plot 1, Evelix DornochBuilding SiteAround £75,000view
50863Plot at Abriachan, AbriachanBuilding SiteAround £75,000view
54873Heatherlea, 38B Telford Street, Inverness1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £75,000view
44871Plots Badcaul, DundonnellBuilding SiteOffers Over £75,000view
53823UOPlots of Land, ResaurieBuilding SitePrices from £75,000view
51880UOPlot of Land, 14 Diabaig, TorridonBuilding SiteOffers Over £75,000view
552359 Miller Court, Tain1 bedroomFlatAround £73,000view
49419Police House 1, Col Bheinn Road, Brora4 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £73,000view
5439581 Coulpark, Alness2 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowAround £70,000view
52731Flat 1, 155 High Street, Invergordon1 bedroomFlatAround £70,000view
53102Plot at Upper Cultie, GorthleckBuilding SiteFixed £70,000view
49797Plot with Steading, At 15 South Erradale, GairlochLandOffers Over £70,000view
54129Former Bakery, George Street, AvochCommercial PropertyOffers Over £70,000view
51932Building Plot at Bogroy, ToreBuilding SiteAround £70,000view
54322Plot 8, Glendale Park, InvermoristonBuilding SiteOffers Over £70,000view
54744Crofting Tenancy with Planning Permission, 1/2 of 16 Torrin, Isle of SkyeCroftOffers Over £70,000view
50423Plot of Ground, West of Orinsay Lodge, MunlochyBuilding SiteOffers Over £70,000view
484444 Wheelhouse Apartments, Lochinver2 bedsFlatOffers Over £69,995view
47463Building Site, Inchmore, KirkhillBuilding SiteOffers Over £69,950view
45506Building Site, Drumchork, AultbeaBuilding SiteOffers Over £69,000view
53268Serviced House Site, 187 Balchladich, LochinverBuilding SiteOffers Over £69,000view
52463Plot at Kencairn, FortroseBuilding SiteOffers Over £69,000view
5433682 Blarmore Avenue, InvernessFlatAround £68,000view
46018Building Plots, West Drummond, WhitebridgeBuilding SiteAround Each £68,000view
53643UO1 Rosebank Cottages, King Street Beauly1 bedroomTerraced HouseFixed £68,000view
5539010 Teandallon Place, Evanton2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £67,000view
48519UOBuilding Plot, Raddery, FortroseBuilding SiteOffers Over £65,000view
5482127 Melvaig, GairlochBuilding SiteAround £65,000view
54298Skiach Bungalow, Off Balconie Street, EvantonBuilding SiteAround £65,000view
5500212 - 14 High Street, AlnessFlatOffers Over £65,000view
50580Plot East of Colaboll Farm, LairgBuilding SiteOffers Over £65,000view
54252House Site, 17 Diabeg, TorridonBuilding SiteOffers Over £65,000view
5489942 Glenlia, Foyers2 bedsFlatOffers Over £65,000view
48462Croft 9, Aultbea Building SiteAround £65,000view
55332UOOwner Occupied Croftland & Plot, 200 West Pittentrail, RogartLandOffers Over £65,000view
537876 Diriebught Court, InvernessFlatOffers Over £65,000view
52952UOBuilding Site, North East Of Killegraidh, Erbusaig Kyle Of LochalshBuilding SiteAround £64,500view
496493 Ross Street, Tain1 bedroomFlatGuide Price £63,000view
55103Kyleside, Lairg Road, Bonar Bridge1 bedroomTerraced HouseOffers Over £62,000view
53001Plot 6, Fleming Way InvergordonBuilding SitePrice £60,000view
5413721 Aultgrishan, GairlochCroftAround £60,000view
55075Plot at 1 Rose Place, AvochBuilding SiteAround £60,000view
52396UO133 Clachtoll, LairgLandOffers Over £60,000view
48084House Site, Milton, StrathcononBuilding SiteFixed £60,000view
47055House Site, Glen Bernera, Glenelg Kyle of LochalshBuilding SiteAround £60,000view
52972Plot 2, 12 Strath, GairlochBuilding SiteOffers Over £60,000view
44828Croft 34, Mellon Charles, AultbeaBuilding SitePrices from £60,000view
54724Building Plot, Dalacladdich Road, LochcarronBuilding SiteOffers Over £60,000view
54995UOEaster Dorrachan, Dorrachan, Delny, InvergordonLandOffers Over £59,000view
51307Plots 2 & 3, Arabella, Tain Building SiteOffers over each £55,000view
55176Plots 4 & 5, Greenlands Farm, ArabellaBuilding SiteFixed £55,000view
54489Land 30m NW Of Martinet, Gorthleck, LandOffers Over £55,000view
48821Building Plot, 17 South Erradale, GairlochBuilding SiteFixed £55,000view
54380Plot 5, 26 Strath, GairlochBuilding SiteOffers Over £55,000view
55054Croft, 19 North Erradale, North ErradaleLandAround £55,000view
43298Opinan, GairlochLandFixed £55,000view
48720Plots 1-4, Builmatobrach LairgBuilding SitePrices from £50,000view
54590Plots 1 and 2, Edinbane, Isle of SkyeBuilding SitePrices from £50,000view
55254Plot 150m SE of Tigh Na Torr, Tulloch, Bonar BridgeBuilding SiteOffers Over £50,000view
5298094 Torroble, LairgBuilding SiteAround £50,000view
53190Plot at, Clashnessie, LochinverBuilding SiteAround £50,000view
49961Rosslyn Street, BroraBuilding SitePrices from £50,000view
51756UOFormer Roads Depot, Mill Street, DingwallProperty with LandOffers Over £50,000view
25946Plot 3 Ross Gardens, Migdale Road, Bonar BridgeBuilding SiteAround £50,000view
55245Building Plot, Gaza, PortmahomackBuilding SiteAround £50,000view
53981Plots 1 & 2, Tarbat Mains KildaryBuilding SitePrices from £50,000view
54120Plot 1, Topachy, Altass LairgBuilding SiteFixed £50,000view
55278Building Plot, 24 Hill Street, AlnessBuilding SiteAround £50,000view
49309Plot 4, Ross Gardens, Bonar BridgeBuilding SiteOffers Over £49,999view
46111Building Site, 182 Migdale, Bonar BridgeBuilding SiteOffers Over £49,995view
550462 Bridge Street, NairnCommercial PropertyAround £49,000view
49962Plot 145, West Helmsdale, HelmsdaleBuilding SiteOffers Over £49,000view
41011Plot at 39, Banscol RogartBuilding SiteOffers Over £49,000view
46513Building Plots at Tornabrach, Old Military Road, Fort AugustusBuilding SiteOffers over each £47,500view
49964Plot 199, Clashmore, Stoer LochinverBuilding SiteFixed £45,000view
55359Plot 2, Greenlands Farm, ArabellaBuilding SiteFixed £45,000view
55160Plot at Mihol Road, GairlochBuilding SiteOffers Over £45,000view
53838Plots at Dalchalm, BroraBuilding SiteOffers Over £43,000view
49963Plot at Lairgmuir, LairgBuilding SiteOffers Over £40,000view
541072 Plots Overlooking Armadale Bay, Lednaguillin, ArmadaleBuilding SiteAround Each £40,000view
46625UOBuilding Plots, Auchroisk Park, CromdaleBuilding SitePrices from £40,000view
5256942 High Street, InvergordonBuilding SiteOffers Over £39,950view
48973Plot, 68 Dalmore, RogartBuilding SiteOffers Over £39,950view
51101Plot at Golf Road, BroraBuilding SiteOffers Over £38,000view
50334Plot 2, 32 Aultcraggie, BroraBuilding SiteAround £35,000view
54735House Site at 145 West Helmsdale, HelmsdaleBuilding SiteOffers Over £35,000view
43408Site at, Strathnaver Street, HelmsdaleBuilding SitePrice £32,500view
53483Plot at Victoria Buildings, DrumnadrochitLandOffers Over £28,000view
53321UOPlot of Land, 84 Torbreck, LochinverBuilding SiteAround £26,000view
51743UODevelopment Opportunity, Station Road, PlocktonLandOffers Over £25,000view
55122Croft at Manse Road, LairgLandOffers Over £25,000view
55362The Bell, Ardclach, Nairn3 bedsDetached VillaRent p.m. £975view
55404Mayfield Cottage, Market Stance, Muir of Ord3 bedsSemi-Detached CottageRent p.m. £895view
55280Springfield, Fraser Street, Beauly4 bedsSemi-Detached VillaRent p.m. £850view
5532624 Castle Heather Avenue, Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaRent p.m. £850view
5522228 Castlehill Park, Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaRent p.m. £825view
5540714 Castlehill Drive, Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaRent p.m. £825view
5534614 Stratherrick Park, Lochardil Inverness3 bedsFlatRent p.m. £750view
55297Tigh Mu Dheireadh, Craig Road, Dingwall3 bedsDetached BungalowRent p.m. £750view
5534499 Loch Lann Crescent, Inverness2 bedsDetached BungalowRent p.m. £700view
553403 Mackenzie Road, Inverness3 bedsTerraced HouseRent p.m. £700view
552866 Brackla Distillery Cottages, Brackla Cawdor3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaRent p.m. £680view
5503011 Old River Road, Dingwall3 bedsTerraced HouseRent p.m. £650view
5513618 Craigard Place, Inverness2 bedsFlatRent p.m. £650view
5534230B Diriebught Road, Inverness2 bedsFlatRent p.m. £600view
553454 Lamont Buildings, Inverness2 bedsFlatRent p.m. £600view
552879 Greenwood Court, Milton of Leys Inverness2 bedsFlatRent p.m. £600view
551933 Towerhill Crescent, Cradlehall Inverness2 bedsFour-PlexRent p.m. £590view
55114101 Alltan Place, Culloden Inverness2 bedsFlatRent p.m. £580view
5524412 Alltan Court, Culloden Inverness2 bedsFlatRent p.m. £580view
5529910 Millburn Place, Inverness2 bedsFlatRent p.m. £570view
551332A Carnegie Place, Portmahomack2 bedsSemi-Detached VillaRent p.m. £525view
5538716 Caulfield Place, Cradehall Inverness1 bedroomFlatRent p.m. £520view
55008157 Murray Terrace, Smithton Inverness2 bedsFlatRent p.m. £515view
55011153 Murray Terrace, Smithton Inverness2 bedsFlatRent p.m. £515view
5538626 Reay Street, Crown Inverness1 bedroomFlatRent p.m. £500view
55119Top Flat, 48B High Street, Dingwall2 bedsFlatRent p.m. £500view
5534121B Miller Road, Inverness1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £500view
5517917 Burgh Gardens, Dornoch1 bedroomFlatRent p.m. £495view
552042b Gladstone Place, Inverness1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £495view
5534328 Old Edinburgh Court, Inverness1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £480view
553363 Tulloch Place, Dingwall1 bedroomFlatRent p.m. £450view
55118Bottom Flat, 48A High Street, Dingwall1 bedroomFlatRent p.m. £450view
521831-3 Church Street, InvernessCommercial PropertyRent Negotiableview
53359Office space, 2nd Floor, Kintail House, Beechwood Business Park InvernessCommercial PropertyPrice on Applicationview
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