All Active Properties

RefAddressBedsProperty TypeAsking Price
59165UO1A Ard Dorch, Broadford5 bedsProperty with LandOffers Over £670,000view
59515Strathallan House, 17 Deans Road, Fortrose5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £630,000view
59548UO19 Crown Drive, Inverness5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £585,000view
59477Plots 5 and 8 Souters View, Loch Flemington4 bedsDetached VillaFixed price each £585,000view
59329UOMorayview, 13 Old Bar Road, Nairn6 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £535,000view
59432UOCallaly Cottage, Lochcarron, 5 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £525,000view
57207Aroma Cafe & Gift Shop With Potential Residence, Mellon Charles, AultbeaCommercial PropertyAround £495,000view
58357UOStonechats Croft, 9 Upper Badcall, Scourie Lairg3 bedsDetached CottageOffers Over £450,000view
59123UO6 Strone and The Barn, Drumnadrochit5 bedsProperty with AnnexOffers Over £385,000view
59504UOHeatherbell, Daviot East, Inverness4 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £370,000view
59496UOArdachaidh, Foxfarm Woodland, Ardross4 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £350,000view
42333Development Land, Kirksheaf Road, TainBuilding SiteAround £350,000view
58986UOStrathayre, 6 Station Road, Dingwall7 bedsEnd Terraced HouseOffers Over £340,000view
54994Caledonian House, Dornoch Road, Bonar Bridge7 bedsCommercial PropertyOffers Over £340,000view
59465UO14 Garden Place, Beauly3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £335,000view
59446UO21 Ruighard Place, Inverness4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £330,000view
59537An Cardach, Burghfield, Dornoch3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £325,000view
59408Fairview, 40 Grigor Drive, Inverness3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £305,000view
595601 Castlehill Gardens, Cradlehall Inverness3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £300,000view
55706Fearnmore House, Fearnmore, Applecross3 bedsDetached CottageOffers Over £300,000view
59392UOThe Pines, 18 Knockrash, Evanton3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £290,000view
58151Flat 1, The Monastery, The Highland Club, St. Benedicts Abbey Fort Augustus1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £290,000view
59478UO15 MacKeddie Drive, Fortrose3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £285,000view
59467UO56 Holm Park, Inverness4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £285,000view
59490UO45 Broomhill Place, Muir of Ord4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £285,000view
58454UOMallards, Udrigle, Laide4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £280,000view
59535Fingal, Hill Place, Portree3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £280,000view
59405Craiglea, Craigton, North Kessock3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £275,000view
59400UORowan Cottage, Arrina Strathcarron2 bedsDetached CottageOffers Over £270,000view
59520Farm Cottage, Balmacaan Road, Drumnadrochit3 bedsDetached CottageOffers Over £265,000view
59506UOMiddle House, Delshangie, Glenurquhart3 bedsSemi-Detached CottageOffers Over £265,000view
5946257 Drummond Road, Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £265,000view
5955236 Hedgefield House, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £265,000view
5943815 MacDonnell Road, Inverness4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £260,000view
5952911 Woodlands Way, Inverness4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £260,000view
595275 Wellside Avenue, Balloch3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £260,000view
595013 Wellside Lane, Balloch Inverness3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £260,000view
5952312A Balmakeith Park, Nairn4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £255,000view
593231 Ballimore Gardens, Stratton, Inverness3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £254,800view
594176 Urquhart Street, Inverness3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £250,000view
595383 Station Road, Avoch4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £250,000view
59415UOTigh na Mara, Meikle Ferry, Tain2 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £250,000view
59082Development opportunity at Rosslyn Lodge, Strathpeffer15 bedsDetached VillaAround £250,000view
59414UOCuilfail, Whitebridge, Inverness-Shire3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £250,000view
59459UO23 Westfield Brae, Inverness3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £250,000view
59473Milivaig, 15 Marine Park, North Kessock4 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £250,000view
59389Pollan-na-Clach, 247 Culkein, Stoer Lochinver3 bedsDetached CottageOffers Over £250,000view
59429UOGreenbank, 102 Culduthel Road, Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £245,000view
5954148 Stornoway Drive, Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £245,000view
59502UO76 Darrochville Place, Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £245,000view
59530Clunes Villa, Park Street, Dingwall4 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £240,000view
5954518 Boarstone Court, Inverness3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £235,000view
59315The Forge, Borlum Bridge, Drumnadrochit3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £235,000view
59546Hartside, Culbokie, 3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £230,000view
59517Crannag, 115a Rhitongue, Tongue2 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £230,000view
59201UO67 Culduthel Road, Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £230,000view
59293UO173 Muie, Rogart4 bedsCroft with HouseOffers Over £230,000view
59510UO1 Holm Dell Road, Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £228,000view
59536UO48 Braeside Park, Balloch Inverness3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £225,000view
595221 Sycamore Crescent, Drakies Inverness3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £225,000view
595615 Rowan Place, Nairn3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £225,000view
59542Tigh a Chreagan, Toscaig, Applecross2 bedsDetached CottageFixed £220,000view
47613UOThe Glebe, Kiltarlity2 bedsProperty PortfolioPrices from £220,000view
59326UO39 Laggan Road, Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £215,000view
59247331 Drumbeg, Lochinver4 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £215,000view
59428UO2 Drumdyre Road, Dingwall3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £210,000view
59367Allasdale, St Ninians Road, Nairn3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £210,000view
59215Building Plot, Swordale, EvantonBuilding SiteOffers Over £210,000view
59528Ambleside, 3 Old Evanton Road, Dingwall3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £205,000view
5954932 Moray Park Wynd, Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £205,000view
5954757 Atholl Place, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £205,000view
59486Rosslyn, 4 Seafield Gardens, Nairn2 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £200,000view
59479UO29, Ardness Place Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £200,000view
59217The Retreat, Sanctuary Loch Ness, Fort Augustus 2 bedsChaletPrice £199,999view
59516Dove Cottage, 58 Society Street, Nairn3 bedsEnd Terraced HouseOffers Over £195,000view
51017UOCalagorm, Castle Bay, Isle of Barra4 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £195,000view
59291UO22 Oakwood Court, Crown Avenue Inverness1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £187,000view
5947598 Church Street, Inverness3 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £185,000view
59499UO68 Cranmore Drive, Smithton, Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £185,000view
59521UO26 Pict Avenue, Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £185,000view
59435UO6 Hillhead, Inverfarigaig3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £185,000view
594701 Beaufort Gardens, Beauly3 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £185,000view
59311UOHarripool, 10 Camden Street, Evanton3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £185,000view
59422Tigh A Garadh Beag, Drumbeg, BY LAIRG2 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £180,000view
59503UOSithean Beag, 227 Raffin, Lochinver2 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £180,000view
59211UO24 Pict Avenue, Inverness3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £180,000view
595703 Birchwood Road, Inverness2 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £180,000view
59481Croft Land at Rhians, Gruids LairgCroftOffers Over £180,000view
5932727 Ross Avenue, Inverness3 bedsFlatFixed £177,500view
59482UO72 Larchwood Drive, Milton of Leys Inverness2 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £175,000view
595133 Hillhead, Inverfarigaig3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £175,000view
5955313 Rose Croft, Muir of Ord2 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £175,000view
5950522 Trafford Avenue, Inverness2 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £175,000view
59485UO4 The Orchard, Lochloy Road Nairn2 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £175,000view
5946823 Scorguie Avenue, Inverness2 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £175,000view
59524The Bungalow, 50 Kingsmills Road, Inverness2 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £175,000view
5949256 Drumossie Avenue, Inverness2 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £175,000view
5953314 Thistle Road, Conon Bridge2 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £170,000view
5955417 Glenglass Road, Evanton2 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £167,000view
59430UO19 High Street, Rosemarkie2 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £165,000view
59508UO7 Mount High, Poyntzfield, Balblair3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £165,000view
5954438 Macdonald Road, Dornoch3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £165,000view
55507Plots 9 & 11, Mountrich Place, DingwallBuilding SiteOffers Over £165,000view
59167Building Plot, Old Edinburgh Road South, InvernessBuilding SiteOffers Over £165,000view
5955528 Ashie Road, Inverness2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £162,000view
59472UO160 Castle Heather Drive, Inverness2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £160,000view
5954051 Milton Crescent, Inverness3 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £160,000view
59500UO3 Drummossie Road, Stratton, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £160,000view
58773UOCroft 3, Fiscavaig, Bracadale Isle of SkyeCroftOffers Over £160,000view
51127The Thatched Croft, 6 Gartymore, Helmsdale2 bedsDetached CottageAround £160,000view
59419108b Glenurquhart Road, Inverness2 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £155,000view
59425UO27 Laurel Avenue, Inverness3 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £155,000view
59077Arden, 5 Hill Street, Tain2 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £155,000view
59454UO24 Seaforth Place, Maryburgh3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £150,000view
595514 Logie Place, Conon Bridge3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £150,000view
59368UO25 Union Road, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £150,000view
595395 Sandown Road, Nairn2 bedsTerraced BungalowOffers Over £150,000view
59441UONo 1 & 2 Crofts, South Erradale, GairlochCroftOffers Over £150,000view
56800UOBuilding Plot, Moss Road UllapoolBuilding SiteOffers Over £150,000view
594372 Mile End Place, Inverness3 bedsEnd Terraced HouseOffers Over £148,000view
5951215 Clava Road, Inverness2 bedsEnd Terraced HouseOffers Over £148,000view
5949439 Royal Ness Court, Inverness2 bedsRetirement PropertyOffers Over £145,000view
59371UO28 Farraline Court, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £145,000view
5944014B East Crown House, Crown Avenue, Inverness1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £140,000view
59463UO14 Cameron Avenue, Tain2 bedsSemi-Detached BungalowOffers Over £140,000view
59464UO9 Mill Road Terrace, Nairn2 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £140,000view
59369UOSunnybank, Achina, Bettyhill2 bedsDetached CottageOffers Over £140,000view
5927920 Telford Gardens, Inverness2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £140,000view
5932114 Highland Park, Barbaraville Invergordon2 bedsRetirement PropertyOffers Over £135,000view
59448UO4 Sage Terrace, Lochcarron3 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £135,000view
5950764 Clachnaharry Court, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £135,000view
5892122b Church Street, Cromarty2 bedsFlatFixed £135,000view
5955933 Lawers Way, Inverness2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £130,000view
5915410 Highland Park, Barbaraville Invergordon2 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £130,000view
59518Glenssor, Smerral, Latheron3 bedsDetached BungalowOffers Over £125,000view
59141UO64 Clyde Street, Invergordon3 bedsDetached VillaOffers Over £125,000view
59216Flat 5, 17 Queensgate, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £125,000view
5950929 Nairn Road, Ardersier2 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £125,000view
59163Post Office House, 2 Chapel Road, Evanton5 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £125,000view
56401Henrietta Court, HalkirkLandOffers Over £125,000view
58905Large Building Plot, Kensaleyre, By Portree Isle of SkyeLandOffers Over £125,000view
58446Building Plots, East Watergate, FortroseBuilding SiteOffers over each £125,000view
57724UOPlot at House of Many Blossoms, GorthleckLandOffers Over £120,000view
58607Plot 2 and land, Errogie Inverness-ShireBuilding SiteOffers Over £120,000view
58818Plot 8, Raigmore Tower, Culloden Road InvernessBuilding SiteOffers Over £120,000view
58472UOPlot of Land, Avernish, Kyle of LochalshBuilding SiteAround £120,000view
59179UO118 Shillinghill, Alness2 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £118,000view
59018Flat 4, Cromartie Buildings, Strathpeffer2 bedsFlatAround £116,000view
5930519 Alltan Place, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £115,000view
58557UO49 Balloan Road, Hilton Inverness2 bedsEnd Terraced HouseOffers Over £115,000view
5955086 Deas Avenue, Dingwall3 bedsEnd Terraced HouseOffers Over £115,000view
58529Woodlands Plot at Hilton Avenue, InvernessBuilding SiteOffers Over £110,000view
58794UOLand 25m NW Of Torbreck Farm Cottage, Torbreck, Inverness LandOffers Over £110,000view
58992UOHouse Plot, Castle St DornochBuilding SiteOffers Over £110,000view
59359UO69 Mackintosh Road, Inverness3 bedsFlatOffers Over £110,000view
59493UO16 Birchview Court, Inverness1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £110,000view
5956858a Bruce Gardens, Inverness1 bedroomTerraced BungalowOffers Over £105,000view
5953416 Dewar Square, Dingwall1 bedroomTerraced BungalowOffers Over £105,000view
5890237 Royal Ness Court, Inverness1 bedroomRetirement PropertyOffers Over £105,000view
59498UO70 King Street, Inverness1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £102,000view
59525Failte, Gower Street, Brora2 bedsSemi-Detached VillaOffers Over £100,000view
59150Top Flat, Cromartie Buildings, Strathpeffer1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £100,000view
592364 MacDonald Road, Dingwall2 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £100,000view
59519Larch Lodge, Craigdarroch Drive, Contin2 bedsChaletOffers Over £100,000view
30017Tigh-Na-Mara, 68 Dunrobin Street, Helmsdale2 bedsSemi-Detached CottageFixed £100,000view
59451Plot 3, Merryton Gardens, NairnBuilding SiteOffers Over £100,000view
56521UODevelopment Plot, St Duthus Place, TainBuilding SiteOffers Over £100,000view
5955618a King Street, Inverness1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £99,995view
59491Building Plot, 9 Mihol Road, GairlochBuilding SiteOffers Over £97,500view
50883UOBuilding Plot, AbriachanBuilding SiteOffers Over £95,000view
437833 House Sites, Seaview, CulbokieBuilding SitePrices from £95,000view
59476UOLinga, Inverkirkaig Lochinver2 bedsChaletOffers Over £95,000view
594845 Mackay Road, Inverness2 bedsFlatOffers Over £95,000view
58843UODentist Surgery, Main Street, Golspie Commercial PropertyOffers Over £95,000view
5847921 Joss Street, Invergordon3 bedsTerraced HouseOffers Over £94,000view
5835910 Grey Coast Buildings, Williamson Street Wick2 bedsFlatOffers Over £92,500view
57385UOMealmarket Close, InvernessCommercial PropertyOffers Over £90,000view
585381 Bogton Place, ForresCommercial PropertyOffers Over £90,000view
58649Plot at The House of Shannon, Wester Templand FortroseBuilding SiteOffers Over £90,000view
59289Plot by Rowan Cottage, Arrina, StrathcarronBuilding SiteOffers Over £90,000view
58945The Resort, Loch Ness Highland Resort Fort Augustus2 bedsChaletFixed £89,999view
56640Plot 3, Sandown Road NairnBuilding SiteAround £89,950view
592571a Grove Terrace, Inverness1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £88,000view
58378UO25 Hill Street, DingwallCommercial PropertyOffers Over £85,000view
58948UO26 Argyle Court, Inverness1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £85,000view
58987UO34f Hill Street, Inverness1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £85,000view
59266UOPlot of ground, Milton StrathcononBuilding SiteOffers Over £85,000view
56083UOBuilding Plot, Hedgefield Road, PortreeBuilding SiteOffers Over £85,000view
58749Garden Building Plot, Lalandia, GorthleckBuilding SiteOffers Over £85,000view
57221Plot at Muiryden Farm, FortroseBuilding SiteOffers Over £85,000view
58588Plots 1 and 2 Borgorstan, Torness DoresBuilding SiteOffers Over £85,000view
57365UOLand, Culbokie, LandOffers Over £85,000view
59460UOPlot 221/222 East Tulloch, Bonar BridgeLandOffers Over £85,000view
58475Plot of Land, Arrina, StrathcarronLandAround £85,000view
58606UOPlot 10 Blair of Tarradale, Black Isle Road Muir of OrdLandOffers Over £80,000view
53864UOPlot 3, LochcarronLandOffers over each £80,000view
58881Plot at Matheson Road, Bonar BridgeBuilding SiteOffers Over £80,000view
53489UOPlot at Ardarroch, Kishorn Wester RossBuilding SiteOffers Over £80,000view
56659Building Plot, 7 Upper Inverroy, RoybridgeBuilding SiteOffers Over £80,000view
56096Land 100m NE of Myrtle Cottage, WhitebridgeBuilding SiteFixed £80,000view
56862Plots at Barbaraville, InvergordonBuilding SitePrices from £80,000view
55588UOBuilding Plots, Struy, BeaulyBuilding SiteGuide Price £79,500view
56865Plot, FoyersBuilding SiteOffers Over £75,000view
59375UOLand, 3 Acres at Achlaschoille, FarrLandOffers Over £75,000view
55574Building Plot, Aird View, KirkhillBuilding SiteAround £75,000view
54441UOPlot 50m SW of Taigh a' Bharoin, Letters, Lochbroom Nr. UllapoolBuilding SiteOffers Over £75,000view
59384Old Bruan Free Kirk, Ulbster, LybsterBuilding SiteOffers Over £75,000view
59012UOCantray Cottage, Croy, Inverness-shireSemi-Detached CottageOffers Over £75,000view
5906416 Loch Ness Highland Lodges, Easter Port Clair Invermoriston2 bedsHoliday HomeFixed £75,000view
58968Plots at Larchbridge Way, DingwallBuilding SitePrices from £73,000view
49797UOPlot with Steading, At 15 South Erradale, GairlochLandAround £70,000view
58826UOCroft 6, Badcaul, DundonnellCroftOffers Over £70,000view
56227UOCroft 19, Melvaig, GairlochCroftAround £70,000view
590166 Tulloch Court, Dingwall2 bedsFlatOffers Over £68,000view
5867921F Grant Street, Inverness1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £65,000view
48462Croft 9, Aultbea Building SiteAround £65,000view
58786UOPlots 1 & 2, 2 Badfluich, Altass LairgBuilding SitePrices from £65,000view
54821UO27 Melvaig, GairlochBuilding SiteAround £65,000view
59442UOLot 1, Knockbain, MunlochyLandOffers Over £65,000view
54299UOPlots 1, North of Meal Mhor, Tullich FearnBuilding SiteFixed £60,000view
52972Plot 2, 12 Strath, GairlochBuilding SiteOffers Over £60,000view
59497Plots in Ullapool, Ullapool, Building SiteOffers Over £60,000view
58891Plot at 301, Clashnessie StoerBuilding SiteOffers Over £60,000view
58929Plot at Balchladich, 199 Clashmore, AssyntBuilding SiteOffers Over £60,000view
59399Plots 2-4, Torrin Road, Broadford Isle of SkyeBuilding SitePrices from £60,000view
58967Plots in Drummuie, GolspieBuilding SitePrices from £60,000view
50580Plot East of Colaboll Farm, LairgBuilding SiteOffers Over £59,000view
59097Croft 17, Scouriemore, LairgCroftOffers Over £59,000view
54489UOLand 30m NW Of Martinet, Gorthleck, LandOffers Over £55,000view
59380Land, Knockbain, MunlochyLandOffers Over £55,000view
58637Plot at Cnoc Dubh, 8 Black Hill, EdinbaneLandPrice £55,000view
51278UOBridgend Stores, Novar Road, AlnessCommercial PropertyOffers Over £55,000view
59152UOScott's Bothy, Kingscauseway, TainDetached CottageOffers Over £50,000view
5298094 Torroble, LairgBuilding SiteAround £50,000view
59558Plot at Arabella, TainBuilding SiteOffers Over £50,000view
57396Plot at Nedd, AssyntLandOffers Over £45,000view
583606 Grey Coast Buildings, Williamson Street Wick1 bedroomFlatOffers Over £45,000view
49309Plot 4, Ross Gardens, Bonar BridgeBuilding SiteOffers Over £44,950view
57122Dewing Close, Appitauld, Milton By KildaryBuilding SitePrices from £41,000view
49963Plot at Lairgmuir, LairgBuilding SiteOffers Over £40,000view
57106House Plot, Chapel St TainBuilding SiteOffers Over £39,500view
57435Plot at 11 High Street, InvergordonBuilding SiteOffers Over £39,200view
5943472 High Street, DingwallResidential/CommercialRent p.a. £19,000view
58004Lease/Sale of 37 High Street, NairnCommercial PropertyRent p.a. £13,000view
59337UOFormer Brightwater Centre, KyleakinCommercial PropertyRent p.a. £8,250view
5948719 Holm Burn Place, Inverness2 bedsFlatRent p.m. £775view
5948025 Slackbuie Park Mews, Inverness2 bedsFlatRent p.m. £750view
5957229 Charles Street, Inverness2 bedsFlatRent p.m. £675view
5954316 Lodge Park, Inverness2 bedsFlatRent p.m. £650view
5955715 Wester Inshes Crescent, Inverness2 bedsFlatRent p.m. £650view
5946126 Reay Street, Inverness1 bedroomFlatRent p.m. £550view
5952627 Culloden Court, Inverness1 bedroomFlatRent p.m. £550view
5951418 Castlehill, Muir of Ord1 bedroomSemi-Detached BungalowRent p.m. £540view
594957A Reay Street, Inverness1 bedroomFlatRent p.m. £530view
595327 Abbotsford Terrace, Inverness1 bedroomFlatRent p.m. £520view
5956722 King Duncans Gardens, Inverness1 bedroomFlatRent p.m. £485view
59135UOFormer Raasay Ticket Office, Former Raasay Pier, RaasayCommercial PropertyOffers Invitedview
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