Property in Nairn District.

Nairn District includes the lovely seaside town of Nairn, well known for its attractive beaches and impressive Victorian era buildings, and the surrounding rural areas. Nairn is a bustling town with a busy High Street and selection of pubs and restaurants, it is also a cultural centre with a popular annual Book and Art Festival.

Premier Properties
New Price
Beldorney, Delnies, Nairn
Beldorney, Delnies, NairnProperty with Land 8 bedrooms - (6.75 acres | 2.73 hectares)Ref: 51032Offers Over £675,000Murchison Law
New! New! New!
Redburn House & Steading, Belivat, Nairn
Redburn House & Steading, Belivat, NairnResidential/Commercial 6 bedroomsRef: 54169Around £595,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
6 Old Bar View, Fisher Heights Nairn
6 Old Bar View, Fisher Heights NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 52626Offers Over £420,000Harper Macleod
Geddesmill, Raitloan, Geddes Nairn
Geddesmill, Raitloan, Geddes NairnDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 51156Offers Over £400,000Harper Macleod
Duntroon, 4 Queen Street, Nairn
Duntroon, 4 Queen Street, NairnDetached Villa 6 bedroomsRef: 52192Offers Over £399,500R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
Woodlands, Cawdor Road, Nairn
Woodlands, Cawdor Road, NairnDetached Villa 6 bedroomsRef: 54018Offers Over £395,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
Eastmill Cottage, Littlemill, Nairn
Eastmill Cottage, Littlemill, NairnDetached Cottage 4 bedrooms - (1 acres | 0.4 hectares)Ref: 53662Offers Over £360,000Donaldson & Henderson
Spidean, Belivat, Nairn
Spidean, Belivat, NairnDetached Bungalow 4 bedrooms - (2 acres | 0.81 hectares)Ref: 51272Offers Over £350,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)Under Offer
2 Firview Grange, Muir of Balnagowan Ardersier
2 Firview Grange, Muir of Balnagowan ArdersierDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 53745Around £349,000Innes & MacKay
Harden, Lochloy Road, Nairn
Harden, Lochloy Road, NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 53907Offers Over £325,000Donaldson & Henderson
Woolton, Millbank Street, Nairn
Woolton, Millbank Street, NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 53896Offers Over £325,000Donaldson & Henderson
Seabean, Broombank, Auldearn Nairn
Seabean, Broombank, Auldearn NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 53630Offers Over £315,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
Beith Villa, 9 Waverley Road, Nairn
Beith Villa, 9 Waverley Road, NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 53252Offers Over £300,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)Under Offer
Home Report £325,000
Tigh Iasgach, Geddes, Nairn
Tigh Iasgach, Geddes, NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 51583Offers Over £299,000Munro & NobleUnder Offer
Langdale, Merryton Crescent, Nairn
Langdale, Merryton Crescent, NairnDetached Villa 6 bedroomsRef: 52195Around £295,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
Tarland, Flat 2, Albert Street Nairn
Tarland, Flat 2, Albert Street NairnFlat 4 bedroomsRef: 53759Offers Over £295,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)Under Offer
Thana, Geddes, Nairn
Thana, Geddes, NairnDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 54057Offers Over £290,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
Dara-a-Cheoil, Wester Galcantray, Cawdor
Dara-a-Cheoil, Wester Galcantray, CawdorDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 52559Offers Over £275,000Innes & MacKay
38 Sutors Park, Nairn
38 Sutors Park, NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 54109Offers Over £265,000Innes & MacKayUnder Offer
Arrandale, Cawdor Road, Auldearn
Arrandale, Cawdor Road, AuldearnDetached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 53898Offers Over £265,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Ornum, Moss-side, Nairn
Ornum, Moss-side, NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 53278Offers Over £259,995McEwan Fraser Legal
9 Montgomerie Drive, Nairn
9 Montgomerie Drive, NairnDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 54058Around £250,000Macleod & MacCallum
9 Lawson Drive, Nairn
9 Lawson Drive, NairnDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 53972Offers Over £240,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)Under Offer
Forvie, St Ninian Road, Nairn
Forvie, St Ninian Road, NairnSemi-Detached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 53737Offers Over £235,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
11A Osprey Crescent, Nairn
11A Osprey Crescent, NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 53204Offers Over £230,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)Under Offer
9 Rowan Place, NairnSold
9 Rowan Place, NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 53793Offers Over £225,000Sold by R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
Summerfield, 6 Lochloy Crescent, Nairn
Summerfield, 6 Lochloy Crescent, NairnDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 54059Offers Over £225,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)Under Offer
Tighdruim, Piperhill, Nairn
Tighdruim, Piperhill, NairnDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 53820Offers Over £220,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
£10,000 Below Valuation
31 Culbin Crescent, Nairn
31 Culbin Crescent, NairnSemi-Detached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 53822Fixed £215,000Innes & MacKayUnder Offer
16 Old Bar View, Nairn
16 Old Bar View, NairnSemi-Detached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 53889Offers Over £200,000Innes & MacKay
New! New! New!
33 Sutors View, Nairn
33 Sutors View, NairnSemi-Detached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 54070Offers Over £190,000Harper Macleod
39 Moss Side Road, Nairn
39 Moss Side Road, NairnDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 53664Offers Over £190,000Donaldson & HendersonUnder Offer
Flat Included
123-125 High Street, Nairn
123-125 High Street, NairnCommercial Property 3 bedroomsRef: 47191Offers Over £189,000Macleod & MacCallum
Plot 35, Montrose Woods Development, AuldearnSold
Plot 35, Montrose Woods Development, AuldearnDetached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 54188Prices from £185,540Sold by Harper Macleod
Montrose Woods Development, Auldearn
Montrose Woods Development, AuldearnDetached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 50794Prices from £185,540Harper Macleod
Culliard, Brackla, Cawdor
Culliard, Brackla, CawdorSemi-Detached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 54013Offers Over £175,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)Under Offer
7 Burntisland Street, Nairn
7 Burntisland Street, NairnSemi-Detached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 53975Around £175,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
106 Beech Avenue, Achareidh Nairn
106 Beech Avenue, Achareidh NairnSemi-Detached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 53386Offers Over £173,000Donaldson & HendersonUnder Offer
18 Spires Crescent, Nairn
18 Spires Crescent, NairnDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 53899Offers Over £172,000Macleod & MacCallum
£10,000 Under Valuation
Allander, Mill Road, Nairn
Allander, Mill Road, NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 53561Offers Over £170,000Donaldson & Henderson
4 County Cottages, Foynesfield Nairn
4 County Cottages, Foynesfield NairnSemi-Detached Cottage 4 bedroomsRef: 54083Offers Over £169,950MacAndrew & Jenkins
Closing date set
30 Beech Avenue, Nairn
30 Beech Avenue, NairnDetached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 54002Offers Over £165,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
12 Elm Grove, Nairn
12 Elm Grove, NairnSemi-Detached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 53675Offers Over £165,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
26 Society Street, Nairn
26 Society Street, NairnSemi-Detached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 52983Offers Over £165,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
60 Loch Avenue, Nairn
60 Loch Avenue, NairnSemi-Detached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 53626Offers Over £160,000Donaldson & HendersonUnder Offer
Kintail, St Ninian Road, Nairn
Kintail, St Ninian Road, NairnSemi-Detached Villa 2 bedroomsRef: 54027Offers Over £160,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
1 Howford Road, Firhall Nairn
1 Howford Road, Firhall NairnFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 53587Offers Over £160,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
1C Cameron Road, Nairn
1C Cameron Road, NairnDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 53713Offers Over £160,000Innes & MacKay
31 Old Bar Road, Nairn
31 Old Bar Road, NairnFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 53216Offers Over £149,950Munro & Noble
12 Rose Street, Nairn
12 Rose Street, NairnDetached Cottage 2 bedroomsRef: 53618Offers Over £148,000Donaldson & Henderson
13 Macrae Avenue, Nairn
13 Macrae Avenue, NairnSemi-Detached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 53909Offers Over £145,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)Under Offer
4B St Ninian Road, Nairn
4B St Ninian Road, NairnSemi-Detached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 53886Offers Over £140,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)Under Offer
7 Windsor Court, Nairn
7 Windsor Court, NairnFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 53682Offers Over £140,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
33B Harbour Street, Nairn
33B Harbour Street, NairnSemi-Detached Villa 2 bedroomsRef: 53021Offers Over £140,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
42 Shore Street, Nairn
42 Shore Street, NairnSemi-Detached Villa 2 bedroomsRef: 53663Offers Over £135,000Donaldson & Henderson
Flat 8, Charlotte Court, Moss Side Road Nairn
Flat 8, Charlotte Court, Moss Side Road NairnFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 53831Offers Over £125,000MacKenzie & Cormack
Churchside, Culcharry, Cawdor
Churchside, Culcharry, CawdorSemi-Detached Cottage 3 bedroomsRef: 53856Offers Over £125,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)Under Offer
Flat 4, 73 High Street, Nairn
Flat 4, 73 High Street, NairnFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 53945Offers Over £120,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
5 The Moorings, Harbour Street, Nairn
5 The Moorings, Harbour Street, NairnSemi-Detached Villa 2 bedroomsRef: 51082Around £120,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
18 Lochdhu Gate, Nairn
18 Lochdhu Gate, NairnSemi-Detached Villa 2 bedroomsRef: 52467Offers Over £120,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
17 Barbour Road, Boathpark Nairn
17 Barbour Road, Boathpark NairnTerraced House 2 bedroomsRef: 54088Offers Over £115,000Donaldson & Henderson
5 Albermarle Place, Nairn
5 Albermarle Place, NairnMaisonette 2 bedroomsRef: 53767Offers Over £115,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
Only 1 Plot Remaining
Building Plot, Wester Galcantray, Cawdor
Building Plot, Wester Galcantray, CawdorBuilding Site Ref: 52910Offers Over £98,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Under Offer
2 King Street Lane, Nairn
2 King Street Lane, NairnFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 53168Offers Over £95,000Donaldson & HendersonUnder Offer
New reduced price
2 Westend, High Street Auldearn
2 Westend, High Street AuldearnTerraced House 2 bedroomsRef: 52431Around £95,000Donaldson & Henderson
17 Shore Street, Nairn
17 Shore Street, NairnFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 53334Offers Over £95,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)Under Offer
8 Tower Court, Nairn
8 Tower Court, NairnFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 53701Offers Over £90,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
124 Harbour Street, Nairn
124 Harbour Street, NairnFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 53985Offers Over £90,000Donaldson & Henderson
1 Shore Street, Nairn
1 Shore Street, NairnFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 53406Offers Over £90,000MacLeods, W.S.
3 Albermarle Place, Douglas Street Nairn
3 Albermarle Place, Douglas Street NairnFlat 1 bedroomRef: 54026Offers Over £85,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
Reduced Price
5 Boath Terrace, Nairn
5 Boath Terrace, NairnFlat 1 bedroomRef: 52197Offers Over £79,500Macleod & MacCallum
Instant Antiques, 129 High Street, Nairn
Instant Antiques, 129 High Street, NairnCommercial Property Ref: 53095Fixed £75,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
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