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This section showcases some of the finest properties on the market, from luxury new build homes to traditional Highland buildings, if you’re searching for a property that is £300 000 plus this is a great place to start.

Fairview, Earls Cross Gardens, Dornoch
Fairview, Earls Cross Gardens, DornochDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 51267Offers Over £1,050,000Arthur & Carmichael
11 Heights of Woodside, Inverness
11 Heights of Woodside, InvernessDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 49522Offers Over £785,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Meikle Ferry, Tain
Meikle Ferry, TainProperty with Land 3 bedroomsRef: 54003Offers Over £750,000Wilsons
Beldorney, Delnies, NairnSold
Beldorney, Delnies, NairnProperty with Land 8 bedrooms - (6.75 acres | 2.73 hectares)Ref: 51032Offers Over £675,000Sold by Murchison Law
New Price
Drumbuie, Westhill, Inverness
Drumbuie, Westhill, InvernessDetached Villa 7 bedroomsRef: 53136Around £625,000Murchison Law
South View, Daviot West,  Inverness
South View, Daviot West, InvernessDetached Villa 8 bedroomsRef: 49091Fixed £599,000Cowan Douglas Law
Redburn House & Steading, Belivat, Nairn
Redburn House & Steading, Belivat, NairnResidential/Commercial 6 bedroomsRef: 54169Around £595,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
Dunraven Lodge, Golf Course Road, Strathpeffer
Dunraven Lodge, Golf Course Road, StrathpefferDetached Villa 11 bedroomsRef: 48248Around £565,000Harper Macleod
Scorguie House, Croft Lane, Inverness
Scorguie House, Croft Lane, InvernessDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 53141Offers Over £540,000Munro & Noble
38 Southside Road, Inverness
38 Southside Road, InvernessDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 53690Offers Over £485,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Halladale, Bishopfield Road, Dornoch
Halladale, Bishopfield Road, DornochDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 53473Offers Over £475,000Arthur & Carmichael
Treeton House, Ardersier,
Treeton House, Ardersier, Detached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 53934Offers Over £475,000Munro & Noble
Oakfield, 1 Darnaway Road, Inverness
Oakfield, 1 Darnaway Road, InvernessDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 54187Offers Over £475,000Harper Macleod
50 Southside Road, Inverness
50 Southside Road, InvernessDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 53827Offers Over £465,000Macleod & MacCallum
Includes 5.5 acres
Achbuie, Breachloch, Culbokie
Achbuie, Breachloch, CulbokieDetached Villa 5 bedrooms - (5.5 acres | 2.23 hectares)Ref: 52955Offers Over £455,000Macleod & MacCallum
Burnside House, 7 Ruisaurie, Beauly
Burnside House, 7 Ruisaurie, BeaulyDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 54111Offers Over £450,000Innes & MacKayUnder Offer
Mansefield & The Granary, Drumnadrochit,
Mansefield & The Granary, Drumnadrochit, Detached Villa 6 bedroomsRef: 54008Offers Over £450,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
167 Breachadh, Rogart
167 Breachadh, RogartDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 54211Offers Over £450,000Arthur & Carmichael
Reduced Price
Wardlaw House, Wardlaw Road, Kirkhill
Wardlaw House, Wardlaw Road, KirkhillDetached Villa 8 bedrooms - (1.4 acres | 0.57 hectares)Ref: 40078Offers Over £450,000Macleod & MacCallum
Tyrn Vawr, Seafield, Portmahomack
Tyrn Vawr, Seafield, PortmahomackDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 53658Offers Over £440,000MacKenzie & CormackUnder Offer
7 Sandalwood Avenue, Milton of Leys Inverness
7 Sandalwood Avenue, Milton of Leys InvernessDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 54100Offers Over £435,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Atherstone, 42 Fairfield Road, Inverness
Atherstone, 42 Fairfield Road, InvernessDetached Villa 6 bedroomsRef: 54151Offers Over £410,000Macleod & MacCallum
Braefoot House, Corry Road, Muir of Ord
Braefoot House, Corry Road, Muir of OrdDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 54080Offers Over £400,000Innes & MacKay
Geddesmill, Raitloan, Geddes Nairn
Geddesmill, Raitloan, Geddes NairnDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 51156Offers Over £400,000Harper Macleod
£25,000 Below Valuation
Derin, Lentran
Derin, LentranDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 53293Offers Over £399,950Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Duntroon, 4 Queen Street, Nairn
Duntroon, 4 Queen Street, NairnDetached Villa 6 bedroomsRef: 52192Offers Over £399,500R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
£21K Under Valuation
6 Old Bar View, Fisher Heights Nairn
6 Old Bar View, Fisher Heights NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 52626Offers Over £399,000Harper Macleod
Shelby, Killen, Avoch
Shelby, Killen, AvochDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 54479Offers Over £397,000Munro & Noble
Kingsteps House, Lochloy Road, Nairn
Kingsteps House, Lochloy Road, NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 54186Offers Over £395,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
Woodlands, Cawdor Road, Nairn
Woodlands, Cawdor Road, NairnDetached Villa 6 bedroomsRef: 54018Offers Over £395,000R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
New! New! New!
Riverview Guest House, 2 Moray Park, Island Bank Road Inverness
Riverview Guest House, 2 Moray Park, Island Bank Road InvernessCommercial Property 7 bedroomsRef: 54513Offers Over £395,000South Forrest
4 Alderfield, Inchmore
4 Alderfield, InchmoreDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 52960Fixed £395,000Innes & MacKay
Ach Nan Each, Charleston, North Kessock
Ach Nan Each, Charleston, North KessockDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 54331Offers Over £395,000Cowan Douglas Law
£30,000 below valuation
Greenbank Lodge and Plot, Inchomney, Rogart
Greenbank Lodge and Plot, Inchomney, RogartHouse with Building Plot 4 bedrooms - (1.25 acres | 0.51 hectares)Ref: 54052Offers Over £395,000MacKenzie & Cormack
Copperlea, Wester Phoineas, Kiltarlity
Copperlea, Wester Phoineas, KiltarlityDetached Bungalow 4 bedrooms - (2.27 acres | 0.92 hectares)Ref: 52885Offers Over £390,000South Forrest
Closing Date Set
Drumdevan Cottage, Torbreck, InvernessSold
Drumdevan Cottage, Torbreck, InvernessDetached Villa 6 bedroomsRef: 53942Offers Over £385,000Sold by Murchison Law
Closing Date Set
Craigellachie, Ratagan, Glenshiel
Craigellachie, Ratagan, GlenshielDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 52426Offers Over £380,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Additional Land Available
Karinya, 21 Ruisaurie, Beauly
Karinya, 21 Ruisaurie, BeaulyDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 54110Offers Over £375,000Munro & NobleUnder Offer
Reduced Price
The Bridge Hotel, Helmsdale
The Bridge Hotel, HelmsdaleResidential/Commercial 19 bedroomsRef: 50520Offers Over £375,000Munro & Noble
Taigh na Pairce, Park Bernisdale, Portree Isle of Skye
Taigh na Pairce, Park Bernisdale, Portree Isle of SkyeDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 49415Fixed £375,000Murchison Law
17 Cloverfield Park, Inverness
17 Cloverfield Park, InvernessDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 54446Offers Over £370,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
New Reduced Price
11 Knockmuir View, Avoch
11 Knockmuir View, AvochDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 52874Offers Over £370,000Macleod & MacCallum
Boyndie, Allangrange, Munlochy
Boyndie, Allangrange, MunlochyHouse with Building Plot 4 bedroomsRef: 53954Offers Over £370,000Innes & MacKay
2 Stornoway Drive, Inverness
2 Stornoway Drive, InvernessDetached Villa 6 bedroomsRef: 53164Around £370,000Macleod & MacCallum
£15,000 Under Valuation
Birchwood, Brinckman Terrace, Westhill Inverness
Birchwood, Brinckman Terrace, Westhill InvernessDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 52793Offers Over £365,000MacAndrew & Jenkins
New! New! New!
Cherry Cottage, Skye of Curr Road, Dulnain Bridge
Cherry Cottage, Skye of Curr Road, Dulnain BridgeDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 54557Offers Over £365,000Macleod & MacCallum
Cruachan House, Culbokie,
Cruachan House, Culbokie, Detached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 54477Offers Over £365,000MacKenzie & Cormack
Eastmill Cottage, Littlemill, Nairn
Eastmill Cottage, Littlemill, NairnDetached Cottage 4 bedrooms - (1 acres | 0.4 hectares)Ref: 53662Offers Over £360,000Donaldson & Henderson
With Large Storage Unit
Tigh Na Bruaich, 6 Drumindorsair, Beauly
Tigh Na Bruaich, 6 Drumindorsair, BeaulyDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 54135Offers Over £360,000Innes & MacKay
6 Strone and The Barn, Drumnadrochit
6 Strone and The Barn, DrumnadrochitDetached Cottage 6 bedroomsRef: 54352Offers Over £355,000Macleod & MacCallum
Home Report £360,000
Rockville, Gorthleck, Inverness-shire
Rockville, Gorthleck, Inverness-shireDetached Villa 5 bedrooms - (2 acres | 0.81 hectares)Ref: 52878Fixed £355,000Munro & Noble
Wester Brae House, Culbokie,
Wester Brae House, Culbokie, Detached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 45908Offers Over £350,000Anderson, Shaw & GilbertUnder Offer
Ravenscross & 77b Clashnagrave, Badninish, Dornoch
Ravenscross & 77b Clashnagrave, Badninish, DornochProperty Portfolio 4 bedroomsRef: 52995Offers Over £350,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
New! New! New!
Ardgowan, Braehead, Avoch
Ardgowan, Braehead, AvochDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 54545Offers Over £350,000Macleod & MacCallum
25 Kingsmills Road, Inverness
25 Kingsmills Road, InvernessDetached Villa 6 bedroomsRef: 53881Offers Over £350,000Innes & MacKay
Achuan, Balmakeith Park, Nairn
Achuan, Balmakeith Park, NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 54248Around £350,000Donaldson & HendersonUnder Offer
Former Free Church Manse, Broadford, Isle of Skye
Former Free Church Manse, Broadford, Isle of SkyeProperty Portfolio Ref: 53794Offers Over £350,000Murchison Law
The Mended Drum, Fiery Hillock, Fortrose
The Mended Drum, Fiery Hillock, FortroseDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 54461Offers Over £350,000Harper Macleod
5 Culduthel Mains Gardens, Inverness
5 Culduthel Mains Gardens, InvernessDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 53956Around £345,000J.C. Bartlett & Co
5 Firview Grange, Muir of Balnagowan
5 Firview Grange, Muir of BalnagowanDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 54292Offers Over £345,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Highfield, Gorthleck
Highfield, GorthleckDetached Bungalow 3 bedrooms - (3.5 acres | 1.42 hectares)Ref: 53397Offers Over £340,000Macleod & MacCallum
Fernlea, 11 Upper Breakish, Isle of Skye
Fernlea, 11 Upper Breakish, Isle of SkyeDetached Villa 5 bedrooms - (1.6 acres | 0.65 hectares)Ref: 50228Offers Over £340,000Murchison Law
New! New! New!
6 Drummond Place, Inverness
6 Drummond Place, InvernessDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 54507Offers Over £335,000Innes & MacKay
New Reduced Price
66 Ballifeary Road, Inverness
66 Ballifeary Road, InvernessDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 53044Offers Over £334,995Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Price Reduction
New House, Great North Road, Muir of Ord
New House, Great North Road, Muir of OrdDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 53228Fixed £330,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Netheredge, Culbokie
Netheredge, CulbokieDetached Bungalow 5 bedroomsRef: 54495Around £330,000Munro & Noble
6 Yairs Rise, Charleston North Kessock
6 Yairs Rise, Charleston North KessockDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 53799Around £330,000Innes & MacKay
16 Knockmuir View, Avoch
16 Knockmuir View, AvochDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 54127Offers Over £330,000Macleod & MacCallum
The Elms, 5 Ballifeary Road, Inverness
The Elms, 5 Ballifeary Road, InvernessSemi-Detached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 50229Offers Over £325,000R W McClurg & Co
Benview, Upper Braefindon, Culbokie
Benview, Upper Braefindon, CulbokieDetached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 52648Offers Over £325,000Innes & MacKay
Heatherbank House, 5 Broomhill, Ullapool
Heatherbank House, 5 Broomhill, UllapoolDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 54316Offers Over £325,000Anderson, Shaw & GilbertUnder Offer
Home Report £370,000
Creagan, Culloden Moor, Inverness
Creagan, Culloden Moor, InvernessDetached Villa 6 bedroomsRef: 49546Offers Over £325,000Munro & Noble
6 Cradlehall Park, Inverness
6 Cradlehall Park, InvernessDetached Bungalow 5 bedroomsRef: 54368Offers Over £325,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Birchwood Cottage, Hilton, Dornoch
Birchwood Cottage, Hilton, DornochDetached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 54356Offers Over £325,000MacKenzie & Cormack
Hedgerley, Victoria Street, Nairn
Hedgerley, Victoria Street, NairnDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 54502Offers Over £325,000Donaldson & Henderson
Woolton, Millbank Street, Nairn
Woolton, Millbank Street, NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 53896Offers Over £325,000Donaldson & Henderson
Harden, Lochloy Road, Nairn
Harden, Lochloy Road, NairnDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 53907Offers Over £325,000Donaldson & Henderson
Recent Price Change
8 Naast & Holiday Cottage, Poolewe
8 Naast & Holiday Cottage, PooleweDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 52323Offers Over £325,000Harper Macleod
25 Mansefield Park, Kirkhill
25 Mansefield Park, KirkhillDetached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 54357Offers Over £320,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Craigewen, Caulfield Road North, Inverness
Craigewen, Caulfield Road North, InvernessDetached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 54270Offers Over £320,000Anderson, Shaw & GilbertUnder Offer
64 Wellside Road, Balloch
64 Wellside Road, BallochDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 53207Fixed £320,000Innes & MacKayUnder Offer
Aldercroft House, Loaneckheim, Kiltarlity
Aldercroft House, Loaneckheim, KiltarlityDetached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 54419Offers Over £320,000Innes & MacKay
1B Drummond Road, InvernessSold
1B Drummond Road, InvernessDetached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 54423Offers Over £320,000Sold by Innes & MacKay
4 Arthurville Gardens, Tain
4 Arthurville Gardens, TainDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 54324Offers Over £315,000Innes & MacKayUnder Offer
Kindeace House West, Invergordon
Kindeace House West, InvergordonSemi-Detached Villa 6 bedrooms - (1 acres | 0.4 hectares)Ref: 51536Around £315,000Macleod & MacCallum
Grace's Barn, Arrina, Strathcarron
Grace's Barn, Arrina, StrathcarronDetached Villa 2 bedroomsRef: 54367Offers Over £315,000Macleod & MacCallum
Rowanlea, Moyness Road, Auldearn NairnSold
Rowanlea, Moyness Road, Auldearn NairnDetached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 54354Offers Over £315,000Sold by R & R Urquhart (Nairn)
Phopachy Farmhouse, Bunchrew,
Phopachy Farmhouse, Bunchrew, Detached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 53622Offers Over £315,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Beannachd, Lonemore, Dornoch
Beannachd, Lonemore, DornochHouse with Building Plot 5 bedroomsRef: 54162Offers Over £310,000MacKenzie & Cormack
Allt Mor, Carbostbeg, Carbost
Allt Mor, Carbostbeg, CarbostDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 54255Offers Over £310,000Murchison Law
Na Beithe Chluasach, Knockbain, Balmore Munlochy
Na Beithe Chluasach, Knockbain, Balmore MunlochyDetached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 52656Offers Over £309,995Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Leeward, Golf Road, Brora
Leeward, Golf Road, BroraDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 50061Offers Over £305,000Arthur & Carmichael
4 Islands House, Island Bank Road Inverness
4 Islands House, Island Bank Road InvernessFlat 4 bedroomsRef: 54430Offers Over £305,000Innes & MacKay
Birch Lodge, Strathpeffer
Birch Lodge, StrathpefferDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 53017Offers Over £305,000Innes & MacKay
Woodland House, Tomatin
Woodland House, TomatinDetached Bungalow 6 bedroomsRef: 51569Offers Over £300,000Macleod & MacCallum
10 Gilchrist Square, Dornoch
10 Gilchrist Square, DornochSemi-Detached Cottage 2 bedroomsRef: 54474Offers Over £300,000Arthur & Carmichael
Clashandorran, Rheindown, Beauly
Clashandorran, Rheindown, BeaulyProperty Portfolio 3 bedroomsRef: 53892Offers Over £300,000Murchison LawUnder Offer
15 Achnairn, Lairg
15 Achnairn, LairgProperty with Land 3 bedrooms - (325.36 acres | 131.67 hectares)Ref: 50394Around £300,000Wilsons
Quaintways, 5 Kinnardie Avenue, Dingwall
Quaintways, 5 Kinnardie Avenue, DingwallDetached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 53848Fixed £300,000P Black Solicitors LtdUnder Offer
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